MSN.com’s new design is tailored for Windows 8 users

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Microsoft is certainly gearing up for the release of Windows 8 on October 26. To show just how invested it is in Windows 8’s new design language, Microsoft has announced a Metro inspired redesign for MSN.com, available exclusively to Windows 8 users of Internet Explorer 10. Originally planned to go live on Friday in tandem with the Windows 8 release, Microsoft actually launched it today, two days in advance of the Windows 8 release.The new MSN.com design has been completely reimagined and incorporates a look very similar in appearance to the Windows 8 Modern/Metro UI. Microsoft also claims that Internet Explorer 10 is able to increase page load speeds as a result of its design, which compliments the architecture of Windows 8.sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('see-through-article-page-desktop'); });If you’ve had the opportunity to try out the Windows 8 Modern/Metro UI, you’ll notice a lot of similarities between its colorful, tiled interface and what Microsoft has so far revealed of the new MSN.com design. It looks like a modern UI app, with different sections of content organized by various colored headers. Major news stories appear in the top left, with larger images accompanying them. Information shown is personalized based on your location and other identifying information you provide.Here’s a look MSN’s current layout for non-Windows 8 users:And here’s how MSN looks when viewed on Windows 8 with IE 10:Fans of the Windows 8 Modern/Metro UI will appreciate MSN’s new look, while those who aren’t so keen on it can simply opt out by not using Internet Explorer 10. Those who are accessing MSN from a Windows 8 tablet will likely enjoy the site’s new layout the most, as browsing news stories will seem very similar to scrolling through apps on the Windows 8 Modern/Metro UI.This is just one more “perk” Microsoft is offering as a part of its Windows 8 launch later this week. Do you like MSN’s makeover?

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