Google Play adds wishlists and app removal

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Google Play’s Android app update offers the ability to add apps to a wishlist and remove apps from your download lists. Adding paid apps to the wishlist allows you to keep track of apps that you may eventually buy.Removing apps from your download lists is an excellent addition because Google Play’s lists of apps you download can include apps that you may have just wanted to sample, but that are taking up more space from your core apps.sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('see-through-article-page-desktop'); });The update to Google Play is pushing to devices and adds the new functions to Android devices.To use the wishlist, look for a bookmark icon in the top right when browsing a paid app. On free apps, it is replaced by the share button. After tapping on the icon, the app is added. You can access your wishlist by tapping on the settings button. The wishlist tab shows all the apps that you previously selected. It’s a good way to keep track of paid apps.The other addition lets you remove apps from your “My Apps” list. This option is great for deleting apps that you installed as a trial and no longer want to see in your app list. Deleting apps is simple. You can delete a single app or choose multiple ones. To delete apps, either tap the delete icon or, to select multiple apps, long press and hold. This will allow you to select as many apps as you want to delete.The improvements to Google Play may be a sign for the update to the Android operating system to 4.2. The smaller updates show more development in the pipeline, and the release of Google Calendar for Android may signify that Google is pushing the stock Android experience more than before.

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