Tweetbot 1.0 for Mac released

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Following the much publicized release of Tweetbot Alpha in July, the final stable version of Tweetbot 1.0 has been released. You’d better be quick if you want a copy however. Twitter recently limited the number of users per Twitter client that can access its API so the developer Tapbots will have to limit availability at some stage. This explains why they’ve priced it at a relatively hefty 19.99 to limit the user base to those that really love Tweetbot.And there are certainly many that do – especially on iPad and iPhone. The good news for them is that Tweetbot for Mac maintains most of the features from the iOS version and has been optimized for retina displays on the new MacBook Pros. And of course, you can now sync your timeline across your iPad, iPhone and Mac via iCloud.sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('see-through-article-page-desktop'); });Are you a Tweetbot fan and willing to pay $20 for the Mac app? Don’t forget to checkout our full review of Tweetbot for Mac.

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