Facebook launches App Center

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Facebook had previously announced that it was going to launch its own App Center for web, Android, and iOS platforms. United States Facebook users can already view the App Center online, although it doesn’t appear that it’s live for browsing quite yet on iOS and Android devices.  It is expected that Facebook will be rolling out the App Center to all users in the coming weeks.The App Center features 600 apps. Many of these have some form of Facebook integration, which isn’t surprising. The small number of apps also presents an appearance of exclusivity, because the Facebook App Center relies heavily on your friends for app suggestions.sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('see-through-article-page-desktop'); });Based on the popularity of apps that your friends use, you will be sent personalized app recommendations. Facebook’s reliance on social sharing is apparent in the way it connects apps to the specific friends of yours who use them.Facebook web apps should install into your account as normal. We found that Facebook sent a notification to your phone to install the app and then sent you to the OS specific app store.  While the website apps have a seamless installation, mobile apps require you to go to the app store for manual installation.If you’re a big app user on Facebook, the App Center could be a welcome addition to your every day browsing. If not, it might just end up being an additional place to be inundated with Facebook’s numerous notifications.

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