on the eighth day the beforementioned place inthe chimney was founda

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on the eighth day the beforementioned place in the chimney was found, according as they had all been at several times, one after another, though before set down together, for expressing the just number of them. forth of this secret and most cunning conveyance came henry garnet, the jesuit, sought for, and another with him, named hall; marmalade and other sweetmeats were found there lying by them; but their better maintenance had been by a quill or reed, through a little hole in the chimney that backed another chimney into the gentlewomans chamber; and by that passage candles, broths, and warm drinks had been conveyed in unto them. now in regard the place was in so close. and did much annoy them that made entrance in upon them, to whom they confessed that they had not been able to hold out one whole day longer, but either they must have squeeled, or perished in the place. the whole service endured the space of eleven nights and twelve days, and no more persons being there found, in company with mayster abbingdon himself, garnet, hill [hall], owen, and chambers, were brought up to london to understand further of his highnesss pleasure. that the government had good grounds for suspecting hindlip and its numerous hidingplaces may be gathered from the official instructions the worcestershire justice of the peace and his searchparty had to follow. the wainscoting in the east part of the parlour and in the diningroom, being suspected of screening a vault or passage, was to be removed, the walls and floors were to be pierced in all directions, comparative measurements were to be taken between the upper and the lower rooms, and in particular the chimneys, and the roof had to be minutely examined and measurements taken, which might bring to light some unaccountedfor space that had been turned to good account by the unfortunate inventor, who was eventually starved out of one of his clever contrivances. only shortly before owen had had a very narrow escape at stoke poges while engaged in constructing priests holes at the manor house. the secluded position of this building adapted it for the purpose for which a roman catholic zealot had taken it. but this was not the only advantage. the walls were of vast thickness and offered every facility for turning them to account. while little john was busily engaged burrowing into the masonry the dreaded pursuivants arrived; but somehow or other he slipped between their fingers and got away under cover of the surrounding woods. the wing of this old mansion which has survived to see the twentieth century witnessed many strange events. it has welcomed good queen bess, guarded the martyr king, and refused admittance to dutch william. a couple of centuries after it had sheltered hunted jesuits, a descendant of william penn became possessed of it, and cleared away many of the massive walls, in some of whichwho can tell?were locked up secrets that the rack failed to revealsecrets by which owen murdered himself in the tower! one of the hidingplaces at hindlip, it will be remembered, could be supplied with broth, wine, or any liquid nourishment through a small aperture in the wall of the adjoining room. a very good example of such an arrangement may still be seen at irnham hall, in lincolnshire.[1] a large hidingplace could thus be accommodated, but detection of the narrow iron tube by which the imprisoned fugitive could be kept alive was practically impossible. a solid oak beam, forming a step between two bedrooms, concealed a panel into which the tube was cunningly fitted and the step was so arranged that it could be removed and replaced with the greatest ease.[2] [footnote 1: the fire which destroyed a wing of irnham hall a few years ago fortunately did not touch that part of the building containing a hidingplace.] [footnote 2: harvington hall, mentioned hereafter, has a contrivance of this kind.] the hidingplace at irnham (which measures eight feet by five, and about five feet six inches in height) was discovered by a telltale chimney that was not in the least blackened by soot or smoke. this originally gave the clue to the secret, and when the shaft of the chimney was examined, it was found to lead direct to the priests hole, to which it afforded air and light. had not the particular hidingplace in which garnet and his companions sought shelter been discovered, they could well have held out the twelve days search. as a rule, a small stock of provisions was kept in these places, as the visits of the search parties were necessarily very sudden and unexpected. the way down into these hidden quarters was from the floor above, through the hearth of a fireplace, which could be raised an lowered like a trapdoor.[1] [footnote 1: see fowliss _romish treasons._] in a letter from garnet to ann vaux, preserved in the record office, he thus describes his precarious situation: after we had been in the hoale seven days and seven nights and some odd hours, every man may well think we were well wearyed, and indeed so it was, for we generally satte, save that some times we could half stretch ourselves, the place not being high eno, and we had our legges so straitened that we could not, sitting, find place for them, so that we both were in continuous paine of our legges, and both our legges, especially mine, were much swollen. we were very merry and content within, and heard the searchers every day most curious over us, which made me indeed think the place would be found. when we came forth we appeared like ghosts.[2] [footnote 2: _state papers_, domestic (james i.).] there is an old timberframed cottage near the modern mansion of hindlip which is said to have had its share in sheltering the plotters. a room is pointed out where digby and catesby concealed themselves, and from one of the chimneys at some time or another a priest was captured and led to execution. chapter iii priesthunting at braddocks in the parish of wimbish, about six miles from saffron walden, stand the remains of a fine old tudor house named broad oaks, or braddocks, which in elizabeths reign was a noted house for priesthunting. wandering through its ancient rooms, the imagination readily carries us back to the drama enacted here three centuries ago with a vividness as if the events recorded had happened yesterday. the chapel and priests holes may still be seen, and a fine old stone fireplace that was stripped of its overmantel, etc., of carved oak by the pursuivants in their vain efforts when father gerard was concealed in the house. [illustration: braddocks, essex] [illustration: fireplace at braddocks] the old essex family of wiseman of braddocks were staunch romanists, and their home, being a noted resort for priests, received from time to time sudden visits. the dreaded topcliffe had upon one occasion nearly brought the head of the family, an aged widow lady, to the horrors of the pressyard, but her punishment eventually took the form of imprisonment. searches at braddocks had brought forth hidingplaces, priests, compromising papers, and armour and weapons. let us see with what success the house was explored in the easter of the year 1594. gerard gives his exciting experiences as follows[1]: [footnote 1: see autobiography of father john gerard.] the searchers broke down the door, and forcing their way in, spread through the house with great noise and racket. their first step was to lock up the mistress of the house[2] in her own room with her two daughters, and the catholic servants they kept locked up in divers places in the same part of the house. [footnote 2: jane wiseman, wife of william wiseman. n.b.the late cardinal wiseman was descended from a junior branch of this family

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