they then got into the chimney by a ladderto sound with their hammers

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they then got into the chimney by a ladder to sound with their hammers. one said to another in my hearing, might there not be a place here for a person to get down into the wall of the chimney below by lifting up this hearth? no, answered one of the pursuivants, whose voice i knew, you could not get down that way into the chimney underneath, but there might easily be an entrance at the back of this chimney. so saying he gave the place a knock. i was afraid that he would hear the hollow sound of the hole where i was. seeing that their toil availed them nought, they thought that i had escaped somehow, and so they went away at the end of the four days, leaving the mistress and her servants free. the yet unbetrayed traitor stayed after the searchers were gone. as soon as the doors of the house were made fast, the mistress came to call me, another four days buried lazarus, from what would have been my tomb, had the search continued a little longer. for i was all wasted and weakened as well with hunger as with want of sleep and with having to sit so long in such a narrow space. after coming out i was seen by the traitor, whose treachery was still unknown to us. he did nothing then, not even to send after the searchers, as he knew that i meant to be off before they could be recalled. the wisemans had another house at north end, a few miles to the southeast of dunmow. here were also priests holes, one of which (in a chimney) secreted a certain father brewster during a rigid search in december, 1593.[1] [footnote 1: _state papers_, dom. (eliz.), december, 1593. see also life of father john gerard, p. 138.] great harrowden, near wellingborough, the ancient seat of the vaux family, was another notorious sanctuary for persecuted recusants. gerard spent much of his time here in apartments specially constructed for his use, and upon more than one occasion had to have recourse to the hidingplaces. some four or five years after his experiences at braddocks he narrowly escaped his pursuers in this way; and in 1605, when the pursuivants were scouring the country for him, as he was supposed to be privy to the gunpowder plot, he owed his life to a secret chamber at harrowden. the searchparty remained for nine days. night and day men were posted round the house, and every approach was guarded within a radius of three miles. with the hope of getting rid of her unwelcome guests, lady vaux revealed one of the priests holes to prove there was nothing in her house beyond a few prohibited books; but this did not have the desired effect, so the unfortunate inmate of the hidingplace had to continue in a cramped position, there being no room to stand up, for four or five days more. his hostess, however, managed to bring him food, and moments were seized during the latter days of the search to get him out that he might warm his benumbed limbs by a fire. while these things were going on at harrowden, another priest, little thinking into whose hands the wellknown sanctuary had fallen, came thither to seek shelter; but was seized and carried to an inn, whence it was intended he should be removed to london on the following day. but he managed to outwit his captors. to evade suspicion he threw off his cloak and sword, and under a pretext of giving his horse drink at a stream close by the stable, seized a lucky moment, mounted, and dashed into the water, swam across, and galloped off to the nearest house that could offer the convenience of a hidingplace.[1] [footnote 1: see life of john gerard, p. 386.] at hackney the vaux family had another, residence with its chapel and priests hole, the latter having a masked entrance high

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