in the midst of the lesson there was a low whistle at the sidewindow

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in the midst of the lesson there was a low whistle at the side window. annette dropped sandys hands and put her finger to her lips. its carter, she whispered. ddad doesnt allow him to come here. littles the wonder, grumbled sandy. annettes eyes were sparkling at the prospect of forbidden fruit. she tiptoed to the window and opened the shutter a few inches. at the opening carters face appeared. it was a pale, delicate face, oversensitive, overrefined, with the stamp of weakness on every feature. his restless, nervous eyes were slightly bloodshot, and there was a constant twitching about his lips. but as he pushed back the shutter and leaned carelessly against the sill, there was an easy grace in his figure and a devilmaycare light in his eyes that would have stirred the heart of a maiden less susceptible than the one who smiled upon him from between the muslin curtains. he laughed lightly as he caught at a flying lock of her hair. you little coward! why didnt you meet me? she frowned significantly and made warning gestures toward the interior of the room. at the far window, standing with his back to them, was mr. sandy kilday. he was engaged in a fierce encounter with an unnamed monster whose eyes were green. during his pauses for breath he composed a few comprehensive and scathing remarks which he intended to bestow upon miss fenton at his earliest convenience. fickleness was a thing not to be tolerated. she had confessed her preference for him over all others; she must and should prove it. just when his indignation had reached the explodingpoint, he heard his name called. sandy, cried annette, what do you think? ruth is coming home! carter is on his way to the ddepot to meet her now. shes been gone nearly a year. i never was so crazy to see anybbody in all my life. sandy wheeled about. which depot? he cried excitedly; and without apologies or farewell he dashed out of the house and down the street. when the pullman train came into the clayton station, he was leaning against a truck in a pose of studied indifference. out of the tail of his eye he watched the passengers alight. there were the usual fat women and thin men, tired women with children, and old women with baskets, but no sign of a small girl with curls hanging down her back and dresses to her shoetops. suddenly he caught his breath. standing in the car door, like a saint in a niche, was a radiant figure in a blue travelingsuit, with a bit of blue veil floating airily from her hat brim. she was not the little girl he was looking for, but he transferred his devotion at a bound; for long skirts and tuckedup curls rendered her tenfold more worshipful than before. he watched her descend from her pedestal, bestow an affectionate kiss upon her brother, then look eagerly around for other familiar faces. in one heartsuspending instant her eyes met his, she hesitated in confusion, then blushed and bowed. sandy reeled home in utter intoxication of spirit. even the town pump wore a halo of glorified rosy mist. at the gate he met mrs. hollis returning from a funeral. with a sudden descent from his ethereal mood he pounced upon her and, in spite of violent protestations, danced her madly down the walk and deposited her breathless upon the milkbench. hes getting worse all the time, she complained to aunt melvy, who had watched the performance with great glee. yas,m, said aunt melvy, with a fond look at his retreating figure. hes jus like a irish potato: when he aint powerful cold, hes powerful hot. chapter xii anticipation the day before the fair sandy employed a substitute at the postoffice, in order to give the entire day to preparation for the festivities to come. early in the morning he went to town, where, after much consultation and many changes of mind, he purchased a suit of clothes. then he rented the town dresssuit, to the chagrin of three other boys who had each counted upon it for the coming hop. with the precious burden under his arm, sandy hastened home. he spread the two coats on the bed, placing a white shirt inside each, and a necktie about each collar. then he stood back and admired. its meself i can see in them both this minute! he exclaimed with delight. his shoes were polished until they were resplendent, but they lost much of their glory during subsequent practising of steps before the mirror. he even brushed and cleaned his old clothes, for he foresaw the pain of laying aside the raiment of solomon for dingy everyday garments

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