toward noon he went downstairs to continue his zealous efforts in thek

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toward noon he went downstairs to continue his zealous efforts in the kitchen. this met with aunt melvys instant disapproval. for mercy sake, git out ob my way! she cried, as she squeezed past the ironingboard to get to the stove. ill press yer pants, ef youll jus take yourself outen de kitchen. be sure dont burn em? look aheah, chile; i was pressin pants fore yer paw was wearin em! aunt melvys temper was a thing not to be trifled with when a protracted meeting was in session. for years she had been the black sheep in the spiritual fold. her earnest desire to get religion and the untiring efforts of the exhorters had alike proved futile. year after year she sat on the mourners bench, seeking the light and failing each time to come thu. this discouraging condition of affairs sorely afflicted her, and produced a kind of equinoctial agitation in the hollis kitchen. sandy went on into the diningroom, but he found no welcome there. mrs. hollis was submerged in pastry. the county fair was her one dissipation, and her highest ambition was to take premiums. every year she sent forth battalions of cakes, pies, sweet pickles, beaten biscuit, crocheted doilies, and crazyquilts to capture the blue ribbon. dont put the window up! she warned sandy. i know its stifling, but i cant have the dust coming in. why dont you go on in the house? mrs. hollis always spoke of the kitchen and diningroom as if they were not a part of the house. cant ye tell me something thats good for the sunburn? asked sandy, anxiously. its a dressedup shootingcracker ill be resembling the morrow, in spite of me fine clothes. buttermilk and lemonjuice, recommended mrs. hollis, as she placed the last marshmallow on the roof of a fourstory cake. sandy would have endured any discomfort that day in order to add one charm to his personal appearance. he used so many lemons there were none left for the judges lemonade when he came home for dinner. just home from the postoffice? he asked when he saw sandy enter the diningroom with his hat on. jimmy reeds doing my work today, sandy said apologetically. and if you please, sir, ill be keeping my hat on. i have just washed my hair, and i want it to dry straight. the judge looked at the suspicious turn of the thick locks around the brim of the stiff hat and smiled. vanitas vanitatum, et omnia vanitas, he quoted. how many pages of blackstone today? sandy made a wry face and winked at mrs. hollis, but she betrayed him. he has been primping since sunup, she said. anybody would think he was going to get married. sweet good luck if i was! cried sandy, gaily. the judge put down his fork and laid his hand on sandys arm. you mustnt neglect the learning, sandy. youve made fine progress, and im proud of you. youve worked your way this far; ill help you to the top if youll keep a steady head. that ill do, cried sandy, grasping his hand. its old moseleys promise i have for steady work at the academy. if i cant climb the ladder, with you at one end and success at the other, then im not much of a chickeni mean im not much. well, you better begin by leaving the girls alone, said mrs. hollis as she moved the sugar out of his reach. just let one drive by the gate, and we dont have any peace until you know who it is. by the way, said the judge, as he helped himself to a corndodger and two kinds of preserves, im sorry to see the friendship thats sprung up between annette fenton and young nelson. i dont know what the doctors thinking about to let it go on. nelson is hitting a pretty lively pace for a youngster. hell never live to reap his wild oats, though. he came into the world with consumption, and i dont think he will be long getting out of it

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