wheres my namesake? the pretty one just ccomingwith theugly driver?

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wheres my namesake? the pretty one just ccoming, with the ugly driver? why, hes sandys friend, isnt he? sandy winced under her teasing, but he held his peace. the first heat nettie won; the second, the sorrel; the third brought the grand stand to its feet. even the revolving procession halted breathless. now theyre off! cried annette, excitedly. mercy, how they ggo! nettie is a little ahead; look, sandy! shes gaining! no; the sorrels ahead. carter, your driver is ggoing too close! hes ggoing to smash inoh, look! there was a crash of wheels and a great commotion. several women screamed, and a number of men rushed into the ring. when sandy got there, the greater crowd was not around the sorrels driver, who lay in a heap against the railing with a broken leg and a bruised head; it was around ricks wilson in angry protest and indignation. the most vehement of them all was judge hollis,the big, easygoing judge,whose passion, once roused, was a thing to be reckoned with. it was a dastardly piece of cowardice, he cried. you all saw what he did! call the sheriff, there! i intend to prosecute him to the full extent of the law. ricks, with snapping eyes and snarling mouth, glanced anxiously around at the angry faces. he was looking for carter nelson, but carter had discreetly departed. it was sandy whom he spied, and instantly called: kilday, youll see me through this mess? you know it wasnt none of my fault. sandy pushed his way to the judges side. he had never hated the sight of ricks so much as at that moment. its ricks wilson, he whispered to the judgethe boy i used to peddle with. dont be sending him to jail, sir. illill go his bail if youll be letting him go. indeed you wont! thundered the judge. you to take money youve saved for your education to help this scoundrel, this rascal, this half murderer! the crowd shouted its approval as it opened for the sheriff. ricks was not the kind to make it easy for his captors, and a lively skirmish ensued. as he was led away he turned to the crowd back of him and shook his fist in the judges face. you done this, he cried. ill git even with you, if i go to hell fer it! the judge laughed contemptuously, but sandy watched ricks depart with troubled eyes. he knew that he meant what he said. chapter xiv a council of war while the frivolousminded of clayton were bent upon the festivities of fair week, it must not be imagined that the grave and thoughtful contingent, which acts as ballast in every community, was idle. mr. moseley was a selfconstituted leader in a crusade against dancing. at his earnest suggestion, every minister in town agreed to preach upon the subject at prayermeeting the wednesday evening of the hop. they held a preliminary meeting before services in the study of the hardshell baptist church. mr. moseley occupied the chair, a jove of righteousness dispensing thunderbolts of indignation to his satellites. a fringe of scant hair retreated respectfully from the unadorned dome which crowned his personal edifice. his manner was most serious and his every utterance freighted with importance. beside him sat his rival in municipal authority, the methodist preacher. he had a short upper lip and a square lower jaw, and a way of glaring out of his convex glasses that gave a comical imitation of a bullfrog in debate. this was the first occasion in the history of the town when he and mr. moseley had met in friendly concord. for the last few days the united war upon a common enemy had knitted their souls in a bond of brotherly affection. when the halfdozen preachers had assembled, mr. moseley rose with dignity. my dear brethren, he began impressively, the occasion is one which permits of no trifling. the dancing evil is one which has menaced our community for generationsa viper to be seized and throttled with a firm hand. the waltz, thethe highland fling, thethe german? suggested some one faintly. yes, the germanare all invasions of the evil one. the crowded rooms, the unholy excitement, are degenerating and debasing. i am glad to report one young soul who has turned from temptation and told me only today of his intention of refraining from partaking in the unrighteous amusement of this evening. that, brethren, was the nephew of my pastor. the little presbyterian preacher, thus thrust into the light cast from the halo of his regenerate nephew, stirred uneasily

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