she must leave the goldsmiths and at once that wa

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she must leave the goldsmiths, and at once.that was imperative; the second step could be thought over when she had taken the first.and yet she postponed taking the first.once she drifted out of her present sphere, she could not answer for the future; could not be certain, for instance, that she would be able to redeem her promise to raphael to sit in judgment upon the academy and other picturegalleries that bloomed in may.at any rate, once she had severed connection with the goldsmith circle she would not care to renew it, even in the case of raphael.no; it was best to get this last duty off her shoulders, then to say farewell to him and all the other human constituents of her brief period of partial sunshine.besides, the personal delivery of the precious manuscript would afford her the opportunity of this farewell to him.with his social remissness, it was unlikely he would call soon upon the goldsmiths, and she now restricted her friendship with addie to receiving addies visits, so as to prepare for its dissolution.addie amused her by reading extracts from sidneys letters, for the brilliant young artist had suddenly gone off to norway the morning after the _début_ of the new hamlet.esther felt that it might be as well if she stayed on to see how the drama of these two lives developed.these things she told herself in the reaction from the first impulse of instant flight.raphael put down his pipe at the sight of her, and a frank smile of welcome shone upon his flushed face.this is so kind of you! he said.who would have thought of seeing you here? i am so glad.i hope you are well.you look better.he was wringing her little gloved hand violently as he spoke.i feel better, too, thank you.the air is so exhilarating.im glad to see youre still in the land of the living.addie has told me of your debauches of work.addie is foolish.i never felt better.come inside.dont be afraid of walking on the papers, theyre all old.i always heard literary people were untidy, said esther, smiling._you_ must be a regular genius.well, you see, we dont have many ladies coming here, said raphael deprecatingly, though we have plenty of old women.its evident you dont, else some of them would go down on their hands and knees and never get up till this litter was tidied up a bit.never mind that now, miss ansell.sit down, wont you? you must be tired.take the editorial chairallow me a minute.he removed some books from it.is that the way you sit on the books sent in for review? she sat down.dear me! its quite comfortable.you men like comfort, even the most selfsacrificing.but where is your fighting editor? it would be awkward if an aggrieved reader came in and mistook me for the editor, wouldnt it? it isnt safe for me to remain in this chair! oh yes, it is! weve tackled our aggrieved readers for today, he assured her.she looked curiously round.please pick up your pipe; its going out.i dont mind smokeindeed i dont.even if i did, i should be prepared to pay the penalty of bearding an editor in his den.raphael resumed his pipe gratefully.i wonder, though, you dont set the place on fire, esther rattled on, with all this mass of inflammable matter about.it is very dry, most of it, he admitted, with a smile.why dont you have a real fire? it must be quite cold sitting here all day.whats that great ugly picture over there? that steamer? its an advertisement.heavens! what a decoration! i should like to have the criticism of that picture.ive brought you those picturegalleries, you know: thats what ive come for.thank you; thats very good of you! ill send it to the printers at once.he took the roll, and placed it in a pigeonhole without taking his eyes off her face

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