henry goldsmith were scandalised and raphael had

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henry goldsmith were scandalised, and raphael had to shield little sampson by accepting the whole responsibility for its appearance.talking of karlkammers article, are you ever going to use up hermans scientific paper? asked little sampson.im afraid so, said raphael, i dont know how we can get out of it.but his eternal _kosher_ meat sticks in my throat.we are jews for the love of god, not to be saved from consumption bacilli.but i wont use it tomorrow; we have miss cissy levines tale.its not half bad.what a pity she has the expenses of her books paid! if she had to achieve publication by merit, her style might be less slipshod.i wish some rich jew would pay the expenses of my opera tour, said little sampson ruefully.my style of doing the thing would be improved.the people who are backing me up are awfully stingy.actually buying up battered old helmets for my chorus of amazons.intermittently the question of the subeditors departure for the provinces came up; it was only second in frequency to his victories.about once a month the preparations for the tour were complete, and he would go about in a heyday of jubilant vocalisation; then his comic _prima donna_ would fall ill or elope, his conductor would get drunk, his chorus would strike, and little sampson would continue to subedit the _flag of judah_.pinchas unceremoniously turned the handle of the door and came in.the subeditor immediately hurried out to get a cup of tea.pinchas had fastened upon him the responsibility for the omission of an article last week, and had come to believe that he was in league with rival continental scholars to keep melchitzedek pinchass effusions out of print, and so little sampson dared not face the angry savant.raphael, thus deserted, cowered in his chair.he did not fear death, but he feared pinchas, and had fallen into the cowardly habit of bribing him lavishly not to fill the paper.fortunately the poet was in high feather.dont forget the announcement that i lecture at the club on sunday.you see, all the efforts of reb shemuel, of the rev.joseph strelitski, of the chief rabbi, of ebenezer vid his blue spectacles, of sampson, of all the phalanx of english menoftheearth, they all fail.ah, i am a great man.i wont forget, said raphael wearily.the announcement is already in print.ah, i love you.you are the best man in the vorld.it is you who have championed me against those who are thirsting for my blood.and now i vill tell you joyful news.there is a maiden coming up to see you; she is asking in the publishers office.oh, such a lovely maiden! pinchas grinned all over his face, and was like to dig his editor in the ribs.what maiden? i do not know, but vairry beaudiful.aha, i vill go! have you not been good to _me_? but vy come not beaudiful maidens to _me_? no, no, you neednt go, said raphael, getting red.pinchas grinned, as one who knew better, and struck a match to rekindle a stump of cigar.no, no, i go write my lecture; oh, it vill be a great lecture.you vill announce it in the paper? you vill not leave it out like sampson left out my article last week? he was at the door now, with his finger alongside his nose.raphael shook himself impatiently, and the poet threw the door wide and disappeared.for a full minute raphael dared not look towards the door, for fear of seeing the poets cajoling head framed in the opening.when he did, he was transfixed to see esther ansells there, regarding him pensively.his heart beat painfully at the shock; the room seemed flooded with sunlight.may i come in? she said, smiling.chapter x esther defies the universe esther wore a neat black mantle, and looked taller and more womanly than usual in a pretty bonnet and a spotted veil.there was a flush of colour in her cheeks, her eyes sparkled.she had walked, in cold sunny weather, from the british museum (where she was still supposed to be), and the wind had blown loose a little wisp of hair over the small shelllike ear.in her left hand she held a roll of manuscriptit contained her criticisms of the may exhibitions.whereby hung a tale.in the dark days that followed the scene with levi, esthers resolution had gradually formed.the position had become untenable.she could no longer remain a _schnorrer_, abusing the bounty of her benefactors into the bargain

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