suddenly sampson ceased to whistle and smote his

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suddenly sampson ceased to whistle, and smote his head with his chubby fist.ass that i am! he exclaimed.what new reason have you discovered to think so? said raphael.why, we dare not create boys.we shall be found out; boys must be circumcised, and some of the periphrastically styled initiators into the abrahamic covenant may spot us.it was a girl that mrs.joseph samuels was guilty of.he amended the sex.raphael laughed heartily.put it bytheres another day yetwe shall see.very well, said sampson resignedly.perhaps by tomorrow we shall be in luck, and able to sing unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given.by the way, did you see the letter complaining of our using that quotation on the ground it was from the new testament? yes, said raphael, smiling.of course the man doesnt know his old testament, but i trace his misconception to his having heard handels _messiah_.i wonder he doesnt find fault with the morning service for containing the lords prayer, or with moses for saying, thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.still, thats the sort of man newspapers have to cater for, said the subeditor.and we dont.we have cut down our provincial notes to a column.my idea would be to make two pages of them, not cutting out any of the peoples names and leaving in more of the adjectives.every mans name we mention means at least one copy sold.why cant we drag in a couple of thousand names every week? that would make our circulation altogether nominal, laughed raphael, not taking the suggestion seriously.little sampson was not only the mephistopheles of the office, debauching his editors guileless mind with all the wily ways of the old journalistic hand; he was of real use in protecting raphael against the thousand and one pitfalls that make the editorial chair as perilous to the occupant as sweeney todds; against the people who tried to get libels inserted as news or as advertisements, against the selfpuffers and the axegrinders.he also taught raphael how to commence interesting correspondence and how to close awkward.the _flag_ played a part in many violent discussions.little sampson was great in inventing communal crises, and in getting the public to believe it was excited.he also won a great victory over the other party every three weeks; raphael did not wish to have so many of these victories, but little sampson pointed out that if he did not have them the rival newspaper would annex them.one of the earliest sensations of the _flag_ was a correspondence exposing the misdeeds of some communal officials, but in the end the very persons who made the allegations ate humble pie.evidently official pressure had been brought to bear, for red tape rampant might have been the heraldic device of jewish officialdom.in no department did jews exhibit more strikingly their marvellous powers of assimilation to their neighbours.among the discussions which rent the body politic was the question of building a huge synagogue for the poor.the _flag_ said it would only concentrate them, and its word prevailed.there were also the grave questions of english and harmoniums in the synagogue, of the confirmation of girls and their utilisation in the choir.the rabbinate, whose grave difficulties in reconciling all parties to its rule were augmented by the existence of the _flag_, pronounced it heinous to introduce english excerpts into the liturgy; if, however, they were not read from the central platform, they were legitimate; harmoniums were permissible, but only during special services, and an organisation of mixed voices was allowable, but not a mixed choir; children might be confirmed, but the word confirmation should be avoided.poor rabbinate! the politics of the little community were extremely complex.what with rabid zealots yearning for the piety of the good old times, spirituallyminded ministers working with uncomfortable earnestness for a larger judaism, radicals dropping out, moderates clamouring for quiet, and schismatics organising new and tiresome movements, the rabbinate could scarcely do aught else than emit sonorous platitudes and remain in office.and beneath all these surface ruffles was the steady silent drift of the new generation away from the old landmarks.the synagogue did not attract; it spoke hebrew to those whose mothertongue was english, its appeal was made through channels which conveyed nothing to them, it was out of touch with their real lives, its liturgy prayed for the restoration of sacrifices which they did not want and for the welfare of babylonian colleges that had ceased to exist.the old generation merely believed its beliefs; if the new as much as professed them, it was only by virtue of the old home associations and the inertia of indifference.practically it was without religion.the reform synagogue, though a centre of culture and prosperity, was cold, crude, and devoid of magnetism.half a century of stagnant reform and restless dissolution had left orthodoxy still the established doxy.for as orthodoxy evaporated in england, it was replaced by fresh streams from russia, to be evaporated and replaced in turn, england acting as an automatic distillery.thus the rabbinate still reigned, though it scarcely governed either the east end or the west.for the east end formed a federation of the smaller synagogues to oppose the dominance of the united synagogue, importing a minister of superior orthodoxy from the continent, and the _flag_ had powerful leaders on the great struggle between plutocracy and democracy, and the voice of mr.henry goldsmith was heard on behalf of whitechapel.and the west, in so far as it had spiritual aspirations, fed them on nonjewish literature and the higher thought of the age.the finer spirits, indeed, were groping for a purpose and a destiny, doubtful even if the racial isolation they perpetuated were not an anachronism.while the community had been battling for civil and religious liberty, there had been a unifying, almost spiritualising, influence in the sense of common injustice, and the question _cui bono_ had been postponed.drowning men do not ask if life is worth living.later the russian persecutions came to interfere again with national introspection, sending a powerful wave of racial sympathy round the earth

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