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you dont know what youre saying.you saw me last night after many years, and in your gladness at seeing an old friend you flare up and fancy youre in love with me.why, who ever heard of such foolish haste? go back to your studies, and in a day or two you will find the flame sinking as rapidly as it leapt up.no, no! nothing of the kind! his voice was thicker and there was real passion in it.she grew dearer to him as the hope of her love receded.i couldnt forget you.i care for you awfully.i realised last night that my feeling for you is quite unlike what i have ever felt towards any other girl.dont say no! dont send me away despairing.i can hardly realise that you have grown so strange and altered.surely you oughtnt to put on any side with me.remember the times we have had together.i remember, she said gently.but i do not want to marry anyone; indeed i dont.then, if there is no one else in your thoughts, why shouldnt it be me? there! i wont press you for an answer now.only dont say its out of the question.im afraid i must.no, you mustnt, estheryou mustnt! he exclaimed excitedly.think of what it means for me! you are the only jewish girl i shall ever care for; and father would be pleased if i were to marry you.you know if i wanted to marry a _shiksah_ thered be awful rows.dont treat me as if i were some outsider with no claim upon you.i believe we should get on splendidly together, you and me.weve been through the same sort of thing in childhood; we should understand each other, and be in sympathy with each other in a way i could never be with another girl, and i doubt if you could with another fellow.the words burst from him like a torrent, with excited, foreignlike gestures.esthers headache was coming on badly.what would be the use of my deceiving you? she said gently.i dont think i shall ever marry.im sure i could never make youor any one elsehappy.wont you let me be your friend? friend! he echoed bitterly.i know what it isim poor! ive got no moneybags to lay at your feet.youre like all the jewish girls, after all.but i only ask you to waiti shall have plenty of money byandby.who knows what more luck my father might drop in for? there are lots of rich religious cranks.and then ill work hard, honour bright i will.pray be reasonable, said esther quietly.you know you are talking at random.yesterday this time you had no idea of such a thing.today you are all on fire.tomorrow you will forget all about it.never! never! he cried.havent i remembered you all these years? they talk of mans faithlessness and womans faithfulness.it seems to me its all the other way.women are a deceptive lot.you know you have no right whatever to talk like that to me! said esther, her sympathy beginning to pass over into annoyance.tomorrow you will be sorry.hadnt you better go before you give yourselfand memore cause for regret? ho! you are sending me away, are you? he said in angry surprise.i am certainly suggesting it as the wisest course.oh, dont give me any of your fine phrases! he said brutally.i see what it isive made a mistake.youre a stuckup, conceited little thing! you think because you live in a grand house nobody is good enough for you! but what are you, after all? a _schnorrer_thats all! a _schnorrer_ living on the charity of strangers

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