if i mix with grand folks it is as an independent

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if i mix with grand folks, it is as an independent man and an equal; but you, rather than marry any one who mightnt be able to give you carriages and footmen, you prefer to remain a _schnorrer_! esther was white, and her lips trembled.now i must ask you to go, she said.all rightdont flurry yourself! he said savagely.you dont impress me with your airs.try them on people who dont know what you werea _schnorrers_ daughter! yes, your father was always a _schnorrer_, and you are his child.its in the blood.ha! ha! ha! moses ansells daughter! moses ansells daughtera pedlar, who went about the country with brass jewellery and stood in the lane with lemons, and _schnorred_ halfcrowns of my father! you took jolly good care to ship him off to america, but pon my honour! you cant expect others to forget him as quickly as you.its a rich joke, you refusing me! youre not fit for me to wipe my shoes on.my mother never cared for me to go to your garret; she said i must mix with my equals, and goodness knew what disease i might pick up in the dirt.pon my honour the old girl was right.she _was_ right! esther was stung into retorting.you must mix only with your equals.please leave the room now, or else i shall.his face changed.his frenzy gave way to a momentary shock of consternation as he realised what he had done.no, no, esther! i was mad; i didnt know what i was saying.i didnt mean it.forget it.i cannot.it was quite true, she said bitterly.i am only a _schnorrers_ daughter.well, are you going, or must i? he muttered something inarticulate, then seized his hat sulkily, and went to the door without looking at her.you have forgotten something, she said.he turned; her forefinger pointed to the bouquet on the table.he had a fresh access of rage at the sight of it, jerked it contemptuously to the floor with a sweep of his hat, and stamped upon it.then he rushed from the room and an instant after she heard the halldoor slam.she sank against the table, sobbing nervously.it was her first proposal.a _schnorrer_, and the daughter of a _schnorrer_! yes, that was what she was.and she had even repaid her benefactors with deception.what hopes could she yet cherish? in literature she was a failure; the critics gave her few gleams of encouragement, while all her acquaintances, from raphael downwards, would turn and rend her, should she dare declare herself.nay, she was ashamed of herself for the mischief she had wrought.no one in the world cared for her; she was quite alone.the only man in whose breast she could excite love or the semblance of it was a contemptible cad.and who was she that she should venture to hope for love? she figured herself as an item in a cataloguea little, ugly, lowspirited, absolutely penniless young woman, subject to nervous headaches.her sobs were interrupted by a ghastly burst of selfmockery.yes, levi was right! she ought to think herself lucky to get him.again, she asked herself, what had existence to offer her? gradually her sobs ceased; she remembered tonight would be _seder_ night, and her thoughts, so violently turned ghettowards, went back to that night, soon after poor benjamins death, when she sat before the garretfire striving to picture the larger life of the future.well, this was the future! chapter viii the ends of a generation the same evening leonard james sat in the stalls of the colosseum musichall, sipping champagne and smoking a cheroot.he had not been to his chambers (which were only round the corner) since the hapless interview with esther, wandering about in the streets and the clubs in a spirit compounded of outraged dignity, remorse, and recklessness.all men must dine; and dinner at the flamingo club soothed his wounded soul and left only the recklessness, which is a sensation not lacking in agreeableness.through the rosy mists of the burgundy there began to surge up other faces than that cold pallid little face which had hovered before him all the afternoon like a tantalising phantom; at the chartreuse stage he began to wonder what hallucination, what aberration of sense, had overcome him that he should have been stirred to his depths and distressed so hugely.warmer faces were these that swam before him, faces fuller of the joy of life.the devil take all stuckup little saints! about eleven oclock, when the great ballet of venetia was over, leonard hurried round to the stagedoor, saluted the doorkeeper with a friendly smile and a sixpence, and sent in his card to miss gladys wynne, on the chance that she might have no supper engagement.miss wynne was only a humble _coryphée_, but the admirers of her talent were numerous, and leonard counted himself fortunate in that she was able to afford him the privilege of her society tonight.she came out to him in a red furlined cloak, for the air was keen.she was a majestic being, with a florid complexion not entirely artificial, big blue eyes, and teeth of that whiteness which is the practical equivalent of a sense of humour in evoking the possessors smiles.they drove to a restaurant a few hundred yards distant, for miss wynne detested using her feet except to dance with.it was a fashionable restaurant, where the prices obligingly rose after ten, to accommodate the purses of the supper _clientèle_.miss wynne always drank champagne, except when alone, and in politeness leonard had to imbibe more of this frothy compound

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