theyve got a review here of that jewish novel have

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theyve got a review here of that jewish novel.have they? said esther, glancing up eagerly.id given up looking for it.you seem very interested in it, said mrs.goldsmith, with a little surprise.yes, ii wanted to know what they said about it, explained esther quickly; one hears so many worthless opinions.well, im glad to see we were all right about it, said mrs.goldsmith, whose eye had been running down the column.listen here: it is a disagreeable book at best, what might have been a powerful tragedy being disfigured by clumsy workmanship and sordid superfluous detail.the exaggerated unhealthy pessimism which the very young mistake for insight pervades the work, and there are some spiteful touches of observation which seem to point to a womans hand.some of the minor personages have the air of being sketched from life.the novel can scarcely be acceptable to the writers circle.readers, however, in search of the unusual will find new ground broken in this immature study of jewish life.there, esther, isnt that just what ive been saying in other words? its hardly worth bothering about the book now, said esther in lower tones; its such a long time ago now since it came out.i dont know whats the good of reviewing it now.these literary papers always seem so cold and cruel to unknown writers.cruel! it isnt half what he deserves, said mrs.goldsmith, or ought i to say she? do you think theres anything, esther, in that idea of its being a woman? really, dear, im sick to death of that book, said esther.these reviewers always try to be very clever and to see through brick walls.what does it matter if its a he or a she? it doesnt matter, but it makes it more disgraceful if its a woman.a woman has no business to know the seamy side of human nature.at this instant, a domestic knocked, and announced that mr.leonard james had called to see miss ansell.annoyance, surprise, and relief struggled to express themselves on esthers face.is the gentleman waiting to see me? she said.yes, miss, hes in the hall.esther turned to mrs.goldsmith.its a young man i came across unexpectedly last night at the theatre.hes the son of reb shemuel, of whom you may have heard.i havent met him since we were boy and girl together.he asked permission to call, but i didnt expect him so soon.oh, see him by all means, dear! he is probably anxious to talk over old times.may i ask him up here? said esther.not unless you particularly want to introduce him to me.i dare say he would rather have you to himself.there was a touch of superciliousness about her tone which esther rather resented, although not particularly anxious for levis social recognition.show him into the library, she said to the servant.i will be down in a minute.she lingered a few minutes to finish up the invitations and exchange a few indifferent remarks with her companion, and then went down, wondering at levis precipitancy in renewing the acquaintance.she could not help thinking of the strangeness of life.that time yesterday she had not dreamt of levi, and now she was about to see him for the second time, and seemed to know him as intimately as if they had never been parted.leonard james was pacing the carpet.his face was perturbed, though his stylishlycut clothes were composed and immaculate.a cloak was thrown loosely across his shoulders.in his right hand he held a bouquet of spring flowers, which he transferred to his left in order to shake hands with her.good afternoon, esther, he said heartily.by jove! you have got among tiptop people.i had no idea! fancy you ordering jeames de la pluche about.and how happy you must be among all these books! ive brought you a bouquet

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