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about 7.30 things slowed down a little and the men were able to get breakfast and some resthalf at a time, of course.at midday cavalry moved up past us and affairs began to look really promising.slept from 3 to 5 p.m., then got orders to reconnoitre an advanced position in front of acid drop copse.(it may here be noted that from our first position this very copse was one of our most important targets at a range of nearly 4000 yards.) chose a position, but could see that if and when we do occupy it, it is not going to be a healthresort.and, owing to the appalling state of the ground, it will take some driving to get there.had a really good nights rest for once.battery fired at intervals all night._july 15._attack continued.by 10.30 a.m.our guns had reached extreme range and we were forced to stop.(we started at 2700 in this position.) news very good: enemy much demoralised and surrendering freely.practically no hostile shelling round us nowin fact, we are rather out of the battle for the moment.after lunch formed up the whole battery and thanked the men for the splendid way that they had worked.shoon, whose arm has got worse, sent under protest to hospital.desperately sorry to lose him.in the afternoon switched to the left, where we are apparently still held up, and fired occasional salvos on martinpuich.ditto all night._july 16._everybody much concerned over a certain switch trench, which appears to be giving much trouble.fired spasmodically (by map) on this trench throughout the day.in the evening all guns removed to a travelling ordnance workshop for overhaulthey need it.late at night received orders to dig the acid drop copse position next day, and occupy it as soon as the guns are sent back._july 17._took all officers and practically every man up to new position at 7 a.m.and started to dig.shells all round us while we worked, but still no damage.this is too good to last.in the afternoon went out with george (another b.c.[11] in the brigade), the child, and a telephonist to look for an o.p.whence to see this infernal switch trench.after a while parted from george, whom we last saw walking _forward_ from the villa, pausing occasionally to examine the country through his glasses.we learnt afterwards that he spent a really happy afternoon in no mans land carrying various wounded infantrymen into comparative safety! for which he has been duly recommended.[11] battery commander.got into the old german second line (taken on the 14th), and found that it had been so completely battered by our bombardment that its captors had been obliged to dig an entirely new trench in front of it.this part of the world was full of gunner officers _all_ looking for an o.p.for switch trench.returned to acid drop copse about 5 p.m

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