_media sunt licita_ we dont need to repeat that to

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_media sunt licita_.we dont need to repeat that to each other, said the guest.tell me all about your plans.we must act with caution, began guarini.you must not be scandalised at our actions; sometimes you will have cause to sigh over our wickedness, but weak people must be guided by the cords of their own passions.we are sure of the princess; our first duty is, if possible, to make her influence stronger.but that most pious lady, i am forced to admit, is the most unbearable in private life, and the king must have some distraction, for he could not live without it.if we do not furnish it, he will supply it for himself he paused and then continued: sulkowski will not listen to anybody, he will sacrifice everything for himself; in order to keep the king under his domination, he will give him everything he wishes for.we never can be certain of him; we must overthrow him.by what means? i shall come to that; providence has given us a tool.we have a man.brühl is that man.protestant, said the stranger.he is a protestant in saxony and publicly; but in poland and in his private life he is a catholic.we must permit that; you know what our maldonatus says:_onando vobis dissimulantibus religio vera aliquod detrimentum acceptura sit aut aliqua religio falsa confirmaretur, alias ittam dissimulare licet, aliqua causa legitima interveniente_.[1] brühl shall be or rather is a catholic.we shall find him a catholic wife, whom he will accept from the princes and our hands; we shall help him to overthrow sulkowski; with brühl we are lords here.nobody will suspect that we have had a hand in the matter, for nobody could suspect us of helping a protestant against a catholic.but are you sure of him? guarini smiled.he shall be dependent upon us; should he attempt to betray us, he would fall tomorrow; we have plenty of means to accomplish that.i cannot deny that the plan is excellent, said the stranger after a moment of thought, but the execution of it seems to me doubtful.yes, just at present, said padre guarini, it may take us one or perchance two years work, using all possible means, but with gods help victory is certain as far as in human affairs one can be certain of anything.do you count on the princes character? yes, answered guarini, having been his confessor for so many years i know him well.what about the princess? asked the guest.she is a worthy lady and a saint, but god has not endowed her with any feminine charm.she will not satisfy the prince.for gods sake! i hope you will not persuade him to lead the lascivious life that his father did! we need not restrain him from that, said guarini, his natural disposition will not allow him to create a public scandal, but it would be impossible to put a bridle on his passions.they will be secret but stubborn.we must overlook many things in order to make him remain a catholic.the stranger became sad.what an awful thing it is to be obliged to soil oneself for the sake of the holy truth! well, there must be some scapegoat, such as i, said guarini jocosely.the people envy me not i, interrupted the visitor, not i! what are your orders? asked guarini.your plans shall be considered by our council, answered the stranger.in the meanwhile you must act.we shall send you our instructions soon.brühl shall remain.the prince, with tears, has promised his wife to fulfil his fathers last wish.sulkowski shall only be the apparent ruler, brühl shall be the true one, and then you think you will be able to overthrow him? we are certain; we all act against the man, who has not the slightest idea of danger, and brühls ambition is the best weapon in our hands.but brühl! he is a devil in human form, but a devil who prays and is equally ready to crush his enemy, and suffers from no qualms of conscience.then he is sweet, polite and winning to the highest degree.they became silent, the stranger thoughtful.any progress in conversion? asked he after a moments pause.in this nest of heresy? said guarini, here, where protestantism dominates? the progress is very small, and the souls, which our fishermens nets pull to the shore, are not worth much.their descendants may pay for our labour.and then there is a new heresy spreading rapidly, the fight against which may be more difficult than against the others.what is it? nothing new, any more than other heresies; but the apostle of it is a powerful, exalted, selfsatisfied man.we have to fight not only a dogma, for with him dogma is of secondary importance, but a new social organisation, which he proposes to build.falsehood takes the brightness from truth.in the woods beyond the town, the committee of the moravian brothers, something like a monastic order without any rules, was organised and prospers.tell me more about it, said the guest, with animation

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