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what does brühl say? asked guarini.the prince looked at sulkowski as if authorising him to answer.the count hesitated a moment, then said: brühl assured us that our friends there will work zealously at the coming election.but who knows that leszezynski, france and intrigues will not stand in our way? for that we need money.brühl must furnish it, said the prince.he is very able at that.sulkowski became silent.we shall all do our best and put the crown of a king on the head of our gracious lord.and josephas, added frederick quickly.it is due to her; she cannot remain the wife of the elector of saxony.both men nodded; the prince smoked his pipe and became thoughtful.it seemed that he would talk further on the same subject when he bent to guarini and whispered: frosch sitting in the corner must be very amusing; you say they showed each other their tongues? i am certain i saw two red tongues, but i dont know whether they showed them to each other or to me.the prince, forgetting himself, laughed aloud, then he put his hand to his mouth and became silent.and it was not until after a long while that frederick bent again to guarinis ear and whispered: have you seen faustina? no, answered the jesuit.ah? no? why? assure her of my favour, only she must take care of her voice.i appreciate her very much._e una diva!_ she sings like an angel! no other can rival her.i shall be longing to hear her.now she must sing in church, there at least i may listen to her.sulkowski disliked that whispering: he moved aside, and then came near the prince.frederick again pointed him out to the priest.he will be my prime ministermy right hand.i am glad to hear such good news, said guarini, clapping his hands softly.saxony is to be congratulated at having at her head such a man and such a good catholic as the count.the prince looked round.if my saxon subjects object to having a catholic as my prime minister, brühl will do whatever i command.i have nothing against brühl, said the jesuit, but he is a stubborn protestant.to this the prince answered: pshaw! and waved his hand.sulkowski looked suspiciously at the jesuit, who assumed a humble and quiet mien.at that moment moszynski was announced, and the prince ordered him to be shown in.i wished to take leave of your royal highness, he said bending to kiss fredericks hand.i am going to warsaw: we cannot neglect the election.very well, go then, said the prince sighing.although brühl assures me brühl knows neither poland nor the poles, said moszynski with fervour.it is our affair.suddenly, frederick rose, and exclaimed as if he had recollected something: by the bye! you are going to warsaw! pray remember about those hounds that were left in wilanow.i must have them! send someone by _portechaise_ with them.there are no better hounds than they are.you know yes, they are black, said moszynski.jupiter, diana, and mercury, enumerated the prince.pray send them to me at once.i think they had better stay there, said moszynski.when the prince becomes king my dear count, send me also corregios madonna! take it from the saxony palace and send it! it is a masterpiece! moszynski bowed.any further orders? asked he.greet the musketeers; my father was very fond of them.the remembrance of his father made him gloomy, he sat down.sulkowski, always anxious that his master should have that of which he was fond, went to tell a lackey to bring a fresh pipe.the prince seized it quickly and began to smoke.all were silent.guarini looked attentively at frederick; moszynski waited in vain, for the prince was so much absorbed in his pipe that he forgot about everything else

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