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frosch was almost dwarfish; horch tall and thin.they were both dressed alike.although the court was in mourning the fools wore red tail coats and blue trousers.froschs wig was curled like a sheepskin, while horchs hair was flat.frosch stood in the position of the colossus of rhodes, with hands placed behind his back.horch stood stretched like a soldier, with arms straight down his sides.both were very amusing.the prince having noticed them smiled.while eating and drinking with a famous appetite, frederick looked from time to time at his favourites; he was sorry he could not permit them to play their jokes, but they would have been too noisy.the sight of them alone made the prince happy, but he had another source of happiness in that sulkowski and brühl were such good friends.brühl willingly resigned his appointment as grand marshal of the court, which dignity the prince bestowed upon sulkowski, and was content to be the president of the ministers and secretary of the treasury.it was only a matter of form, as sulkowski was expected to keep everything under his own control.but the future was not certain.brühl seemed to be sulkowskis best friend, and the latter being sure of the princes favour did not fear him as a rival.having put the whole burden of ruling on these two men, the prince felt at ease to lead his own monotonous life.he only longed after the opera, after faustina, and after hunting.but all that was bound to return after the mourning was over.in poland the count moszynski, the bishop lipski and others were working hard to assure the princes election as king, and brühl guaranteed that it would be done.a few days after the news of his fathers death, frederick declared that he would not change anything.but saxony expected some improvements, and was soon disillusioned and informed that she must not expect anything.the taxes were as heavy as ever.that evening when the prince went to his apartment, sulkowski and brühl followed him.in another room some courtiers were grouped round josephine, and between them was the joking padre guarini.the princess, having remained to talk to them for a time, retired to her own room followed by the countess kolowrath, who told her daughter to follow her.josephine stood in the centre of the drawingroom as though expecting something.the young girl entered without the least sign of fear.the princess asked her to come near and said: my dear girl, it is time to think of your futurei am willing to do something for you.the mother fearing some improper answer said: we shall ever be thankful to your royal highness.i know that you are a good catholic, continued the princess, therefore, i must assure you before all, that your future husband, although not born in the catholic faith, shall embrace it.consequently you shall have the merit of gaining one soul for god.the girl listened quite indifferently.the princess looked at her but failed to see any emotion in her face.i congratulate you, added she, on the choice made for you by myself and your mother; the man destined for your husband is very pious, of great character and keen intelligenceit is the secretary of the treasury, brühl.josephine looked again at the girl, who stood silent.you must permit him to approach you, so that you may get to know each other, and i hope you will be happy.the mother pushed the girl towards the princess; frances resented being pushed, bent her head and moved aside.thus the day ended, memorable in the life of the girl, who looked so indifferently on her future.the next day, probably by permission of the countess, brühl paid his respects to the young girl who was sitting alone.after a moments reflection she allowed him to be shown in.she received him in the same room in which yesterday, leaning on watzdorfs shoulder, she had said goodbye to happiness.the mourning was very becoming to her: her beauty seemed still greater on the dark background of her black dress.besides paleness there was no other sign of suffering on her face; cool and brave resignation lent something imposing to her features.brühl, who was one of the most refined dandies of his time, attributed great importance to dress, and was dressed that day with particular care.the sweet smile did not leave his too delicate face even for a moment.in the same proportion that the young lady wished to be sober and thoughtful, did he wish to be joyful and happy.he advanced quickly to the table behind which she was sitting; she nodded slightly and pointed to a chair standing near.i see, said brühl, that you have assumed a sad expression to be in harmony with your mourning, while i you are more lively today than ever, interrupted the young lady.may i ask what makes you so happy? i hope you are aware of the cause, said brühl raising his hand to his heart.let us not play a comedy, said frances, neither you can deceive me, nor i you.they commanded me to marry you, while i love another man; they command you to marry me, while you love another woman

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