the countess fell on the sofaher daughter remained

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the countess fell on the sofaher daughter remained cold and indifferent like a statue.the countess cried from anger.shame on you! cried she, you dare to receive that man in your room! because i love him! answered the girl calmly.and you dare to tell me that! why should i not say what i feel? the countess sobbed.and you think that because of your stupid love for that goodfornothing man, who is hardly tolerated in the court, i shall sacrifice your future? never! i did not expect that i could be happy and honest, answered the girl coolly.you are mad! cried the mother.the girl sat in the chair opposite her mother, took a flower from the bouquet standing on the table, and raised it to her lips.cold and ironical resignation was depicted on her face; the mother looked at her and was frightened.happily, he could go out without being noticed, she murmured to herself.tomorrow i shall order that door to be fastened, and i shall lock you in like a slave.could i ever have expected to see such a thing? the girl, biting the flower, seemed to be ready to listen to any reproaches her mother might heap on her.the disdainful silence of her daughter made the countess still more angry.she sprang from the sofa and walked rapidly across the room.if watzdorf shall dare to speak, or look at you, woe betide him! i shall fall at the feet of the princess, i shall pray sulkowski, and they will lock him up for ever.i dont think he would like to expose himself to that, said the girl.today i took all hope from him.i told him that i may not dispose of myself; that they would treat me like a slave; that i shall marry the man they destine for me, but that i shall not love him you dare to tell me that! i say what i think.the man who would marry me, will know what to expect from me.the countess looked at her daughter threateningly but she was silent.suddenly she wrung her hands.ungrateful! she cried more tenderly.the moment i try to secure for you with our lady the most brilliant future, you i am quite aware that i shall be led like a sacrifice, dressed in brocade, rejoined the girl laughing bitterly.such a future is unavoidable.yes, for you know that you cannot resist the will of your mother and that of the princess and the prince.who has no will whatever, said the girl ironically.silence! interrupted her mother threateningly.i came to tell you about happiness, and i found shame! it was not necessary to tell me of that which i was aware.sulkowski is married, consequently i must marry the other minister, brühl.i expected that.indeed, its a great happiness! greater than you deserve, answered her mother.what could you have against the nicest man in the world? nothing whatever; i am as indifferent to him as if he were the most stupid and the most horrid.he or another is just the same to me, if i can not marry the one whom i love.dont dare to pronounce his name: i hate him! if he dares to make one step he is lost! i shall warn him: i dont wish him to come to nought: i wish him to avenge me.dont you dare to speak to him! i forbid you! the girl became silent.the countess, having noticed that she was five minutes late for her duties at the court, said: you come with me; the princess commanded you to come.you know how you should behave.a few minutes later both ladies went out.it was supper time.the strict etiquette introduced from the austrian court and severely observed by the princess josephine did not permit anyone to sit at the same table with the prince and princess, except the ministers.the other dignitaries of the court, who were present during meal times sat at another table in a separate room.that day the prince supped alone with his consort.padre guarini sat on a stool apart to keep them company.before the court went into mourning he would amuse the prince by joking with frosch and horch, who usually would fight, while the prince would laugh to encourage them, and be in his best humour.the new mourning did not permit the fools to perform, but in consideration of the necessity of distraction for the princess, guarini allowed frosch and horch to be present in the diningroom, but they were not permitted to play their usual jokes.they were placed in such a way that the prince would notice them immediately.the table was set magnificently and lighted profusely.frederick entered with his consort whose common features were in striking contrast to the serene and beautiful although cold face of her husband.the type of the hapsburgs was not well represented in josephine, who although still young had none of the charm of youth; the hanging lower lip, gloomy expression, something common and severe in her face, made her repulsive.whilst padre guarini recited the _benedicite_, the prince and princess stood with piously clasped hands, the servants waiting.as frederick sat down he caught sight of frosch and horch who had assumed such a dignified and pompous mien that they were more ridiculous than ever

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