he might have been recognised by his dress as a pa

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he might have been recognised by his dress as a page in the service of the king.his noble carriage, and slightly effeminate figure, attracted the attention even of the most indifferent.his dress was elegant, his wig carefully arranged; his pink and white face beneath was almost as beautiful as that of a girl about to smile; he had intelligent eyes that could be merry or sad, brilliant or dull; they could even express that which was not in the soul.this beautiful youth attracted like an enigma.almost everyone, the king not excepted, loved him, yet, while both polite and useful, there was not a more retiring person in the court.he never boasted, never attempted to show his superiority, but if asked to do anything he did it easily, quickly, and with exceeding intelligence.he was a petty noble from thuringia, the youngest of four brothers, the brühls von gangloffssammern.having sold his small mortgaged estate, his father became a councillor at the little court of weissenfelds; and as he did not know what to do with his son he placed him in the service of the princess frederick elizabeth, who generally resided at leipzig.the princess at that time came constantly to weissenfelds for market days; augustus the strong was also very fond of these markets, and it is said that on one occasion the young page attracted the attention of the king by his beautiful face.the princess willingly gave him to the monarch.it was wonderful that a boy who had never seen so magnificent a court, so much etiquette, should understand his duties so well from the first day, that he surpassed the older pages in his zeal and ability.the king smiled kindly on him; he was pleased with the humility of the boy, who looked into his eyes, guessed his thoughts and worshipped the majesty of the roisoleil.those who served with him, envied him, but were soon captivated by his sweetness, modesty, and readiness to serve them too.they had no fears; such a modest boy could never rise very high.he was poor, and the brühl family, although, of ancient lineage, had so fallen, that its rich relations had forgotten it.the youth therefore had neither influence nor wealth to advance him, merely a sweet and smiling face.and indeed, he was very beautiful.the women, especially the older ones, looked at him coquettishly, and he lowered his eyes bashfully.malicious words, the wit of pages, characteristics these of the young men of the court, never escaped his lips.brühl admired the lords, the dignitaries, the ladies, his equals, and even the kings lackeys, to whom he was invariably courteous, as though already aware of the great secret that the greatest things are often accomplished through the meanest persons, that lackeys have quietly overthrown ministers, whilst the ministers could do nothing against them.all this the lucky youth guessed through the instinct with which mother nature had endowed him.at that moment, as henry brühl walked alone up and down the path leading from the castle to the tent, those who knew him might have said that he indulged in this solitary stroll to avoid being in the way of others, while, being seen of everyone, he would be in readiness for any service.such persons are favoured by good fortune.as he thus walked aimlessly to and fro there came from the castle a young goodlooking boy, about the same age, but different in dress and mien to modest brühl.it was evident that the newcomer was well satisfied with himself.he was tall and strong, his black eyes looked forth sharply.he walked swiftly with lordly gait, having one hand placed in his richly embroidered vest and the other hidden in the shirt of his green braided hunting dress.his features also were quite different to those of brühl; the latter looked more like a courtier, the former like a soldier.everyone he met on his way bowed to him, and greeted him kindly, for from early youth he had been the princes companion.his name was count alexandre sulkowski, he had been brought to the court of frederick as a page, and was already a prominent huntsman.and this meant a great deal, for the prince, to whom hunting was rather a serious occupation than a distraction, entrusted him with what he cherished most in the world.sulkowski was respected and dreaded, for although augustus ii with his health and strength seemed to be immortal, yet sooner or later the god was bound to die like any other mortal.thus sulkowski, in his relation to the new rising sun, was regarded as a star shining on the horizon of saxony.on seeing sulkowski, the page assumed his modest mien, bowed slightly, smiled sweetly, and seemed as pleased as though he had met the most beautiful woman in the court of the king.sulkowski received this mute and respectful greeting with dignified benevolence.he slackened his pace, and drawing near to brühl, addressed him gaily: how are you, henry? what are you thinking about in this solitude? happy boy, you can rest, whilst i have much to do.if the count would order me to help him? no thank you.i must fulfil my own duties! work for such a guest as our gracious lord is agreeable.he sighed slightly.well, he continued, the hunt was successful.yes, very successful indeed, replied brühl.his majesty has not been in such a good humour for a long time.sulkowski bent close to brühls ear.and who rules now in the chamber? i do not know.at present there is an interregnum.thats impossible! said sulkowski laughing.is it not dieskau? i dont know.is it possible, that you, the kings page, do not know? brühl looked at him, and smiled.a faithful page should not know anything.i understand, said sulkowski, but between ourselves brühl drew near the count, and whispered some thing in his ear

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