the popinjay by alphonse daudet the temptation of

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the popinjay.by alphonse daudet.the temptation of saint anthony.by g.flaubert.captain fracasse.by theophile gautier.he and she.by paul de musset.a passion of the south.by alphonse daudet.the kreutzer sonata.by leo tolstoy.the outlaw of iceland.by victor hugo.[illustration: they pushed on at a smart trot.] _count brÜhl_._frontispiece, see p.268_.count brÜhl by joseph kraszewski translated by count de soissons brentanos new york 1922 contents chapter i chapter ii chapter iii chapter iv chapter v chapter vi chapter vii chapter viii chapter ix chapter x chapter xi chapter xii chapter xiii chapter xiv chapter xv chapter xvi chapter xvii chapter xviii chapter xix chapter xx chapter xxi chapter xxii count brÜhl chapter i one beautiful autumn day, towards sunset, the last flourishes of a trumpet calling the huntsmen together, resounded through a forest of beech trees.the group of court huntsmen passed along the wide highway that divided this ancient wilderness, accompanied by men armed with boarspears and carrying nets; the horsemen wore green dresses with gold braid, and hats ornamented with black feathers: in the centre of the party were waggons laden with venison and adorned with green boughs.the hunt must have been successful, for the huntsmen were in high spirits, and from the waggons protruded the horns of deer, and the heads of boars with bloody tusks.the retinue of the lord came first; there were beautiful horses, and several lady riders with lovely faces.all were dressed as for a festival, for hunting was a favourite amusement with augustus ii, who at that time ruled more or less happily over saxony and poland.the king himself led the hunt, and at his side rode his eldest son, the prince then dearest to saxony, and the one towards whom the eyes of the nation were directed with expectation.the king looked well, despite his advanced age, and rode his horse like a knight; whilst his son, who also looked well but whose face wore a sweeter expression, looked rather like his younger brother.a numerous and brilliant court surrounded the two lords.they were to pass the night at hubertsburg, where the prince would offer hospitality to his father, for the hunting castle belonged to him.the princess josepha, daughterinlaw to the king, and daughter of the imperial house of hapsburg, recently married to frederick, awaited them at hubertsburg.the kings court was so numerous that it was impossible to lodge it in the castle, and for this reason tents had been pitched in the grove for the greater part of the retinue.the tables were already laid for supper, and the moment the king entered the castle, the huntsmen dispersed to find the lodgings assigned to them.dusk began to fall; the tents were full of bustle and animation, the young mens laughter, hitherto restrained by the presence of the king, now resounded more freely.they were thirsty, and drinking commenced although the signal for supper had not been given.soon they began disputing as to which was the prettiest lady, who was the best marksman, and to whom the king had shown most favour.the prince was the hero of the day; a boar was rushing on him, and he had shot it in the forehead.everyone admired his presence of mind as with steady arm he aimed and fired.when the huntsmen rushed forward to dispatch the wild beast with their hunting knives, it already lay on the ground bathed in its own blood.on this, king augustus had kissed his son on the forehead approvingly, and the prince had pressed his fathers hand to his lips, but he remained as calm and composed after the victory as he had been before.the only sign of good humour he had shown was, that he ordered a pipe to be brought him, and blew forth a larger cloud than usual.in those times men had begun to use that now universal planttobacco.augustus the strong smoked a great deal, his son, prince frederick, was a passionate smoker.during a feast the men could not forego their pipes.at the court of the prussian king, pipes were served out to everyone, and the man who felt sick from smoking was the laughingstock of the others.it was the height of fashion to suck at a pipe from morning till night.the women despised the habit, but their aversion did not prevent the men from indulging to excess in the fragrant weed.only the youngsters were forbidden to smoke, the habit being coupled with such vices as gambling and drinking.therefore there were no pipes under the tents.the weary horsemen dismounted, and seated themselves wherever they could, some on the ground, some on benches, and others on rugs.arrangements had been made for another hunt on the following day, in another part of the forest, and orders had been given for everyone to be in readiness.not very far from the groups of elderly gentlemen, a very handsome youth walked to and fro from the road leading to the castle

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