during those most disastrous years that followed

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  Steve Jobs said in his book, The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Lao Tzu said in a speech, When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. This fact is important to me. And I believe it is also important to the world。
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during those most disastrous years that followed, the kings love increased.the wild charles xii., a severe and merciless soldier, with hair cut short, and wearing enormous boots that reached higher than his knees, persecuted the king covered in velvet and lace, who skirmished against him clad in golden armour.many marvels were told about him.augustus listened, and was silent.the saxon army was defeated.despite the exertions of flemming, prebendowski, and dombski, the prestige of the most magnificent monarch in europe was diminishing in poland.countess königsmark, a former favourite, sent over a secret mission, but could accomplish nothing.charles xii.had no desire to speak either with her or with any one else.good fortune abandoned augustus ii.bottiger could not make gold, hoym was unable to supply it, and cosel wanted millions.the people, not wishing to serve in the army, ran away and hid themselves in the mountains, whilst the preachers vehemently denounced the robbery of the country.the nobility, although very respectful, resisted paying such heavy taxes.the king was frequently in a very bad humour, but it never lasted long, for cosel smiled and her lords face brightened.countess cosel had no allies, but she did not want them, she felt she was stronger than them all.the courtiers were frightened.vitzthum alone still enjoyed the favours of the king and his favourite, for he cared not for politics, and loved augustus like a brother.the years passed one after the other, full of various incidents.fortune was not yet tired of persecuting this most magnificent of monarchs.the swedes were victorious, and threatened to drive him from his throne.augustus resisted as best he could, grieved, and endeavoured to counterbalance adversity by indulging in merrymaking.but hunting parties, banquets, balls, masquerades, and theatres, all were suddenly interrupted by the news that the swedes had invaded saxony.charles xii.had pursued the enemy into his own country.fear seized on every one.after the defeat at frauenstadt isolated groups of deserters returned, and these were captured and hanged, or shot down, for not having done their duty.on september 1st charles xii.invaded saxony at the head of twenty thousand men.it was impossible to fight against them, so they were obliged to feed them.augustus small army escaped to würzburgh.dresden, sizendorf, königstein, and sonnenstein had garrisons.with charles xii.came the new king of poland, stanislaus leszczynski.dresden was deserted.the queen went to her family at bayreuth, her mother went to magdeburg, and then to denmark.augustus was obliged to resign the crown of poland in favour of stanislaus leszczynski, and in 1706 a treaty was signed at altranstadt, but the swedes did not leave saxony.during the war, and all the bloody horrors that accompanied it, augustus remained still the same; love played the most important part in his life.he lost kingdoms, but he conquered hearts.he still loved the countess cosel, but whenever he was absent from her, he led a life of dissipation.now, more than ever, he required distraction, and his courtiers, who wished to get rid of cosel, did everything they could to displace her in his affections.fürstenberg, countess reuss, and the whole clique of her enemies, disappointed in their ambitions, did their best to procure her downfall.but, confident in her beauty, cosel cared nothing for their efforts.she only smiled at their vain attempts.her relations with the king were by this time further strengthened by the birth of a daughter.the proud woman persuaded herself that augustus could not find another like her; she alone was capable of participating in his pleasures, and, besides, she was afraid of neither firing, mad riding, nor campaigning.yet, while she was with him in warsaw, the king betrayed her with the daughter of a french wine merchant.having learnt what had occurred, anna threatened the king that she would shoot him, but augustus only laughed, kissed her hands, and obtained forgiveness.in truth, despite his side wooings, the king loved anna best, she alone was able to amuse him, and he was happiest when with her.the war, the devastation of the country, the loss of the polish crown, did not diminish any portion of cosels luxury

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