the pacified king returned to his castle but thro

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the pacified king returned to his castle, but throughout the next day he did not speak a word to fürstenberg.the grand master of the court, augustus lecherenne, received an order to leave dresden within twentyfour hours.this was such an unexpected blow to the young count, that he was unable to believe the tidings.he rushed immediately to see countess cosel.when zaklika went to announce his arrival to her, she blushed from fear and uneasiness.tell him, said she calmly, that i cannot receive those whom the king has banishedtell him, also, added she, lowering her voice, that i am sorry he has to go.saying this, she pulled from her finger a diamond ring that had been given her by the king.give him this ring from me, she whispered, turning her eyes away from the faithful servant.zaklika turned pale.countess, he ventured to say, in a muffled voice, kindly excuse me, but this ring is from the king.cosel, who could not brook the slightest contradiction, turned towards him with a threatening glance and frowning brow.i do not ask you for advice, i give you an order and you have to execute it, said she.zaklika left the room, confused; he waited for a few moments behind the door.a few years back, a bohemian noble had given him a costly ring, similar to the one he now held, as a reward for his great strength.some presentiment caused him to change the rings; he gave his own to count lecherenne, and hid the ring the countess had given him, close to his heart.a few days later, the king entered cosels room while she was dressing.as it was always her custom to wear that ring, the jealous lover immediately noticed its absence.where is my ring? he asked.cosel began to search for it, while the kings face grew crimson.where is it? he repeated.cosel turned to her servant.i have not noticed it on your finger for four days, whispered the maid.augustus counted the days.it was exactly four days since count lecherenne had left dresden, and had gone to the palace to take leave of cosel, a fact of which the king had been duly informed.do not waste time searching for it, said he ironically, i can tell you where it is.cosel looked confused.the king broke forth in fury.he did not wish to hear any explanation.the servants rushed out terrified, for the kings voice resounded loudly throughout the palace.fear took possession of every one.cosel was just ready to faint, when a knock was heard at the door, and, looking up, she saw the pale, sad face of zaklika.i beg to be excused for entering, said he, but the servants have informed me that they cannot find the ring, which about an hour since i picked up on the floor, and which i was only waiting for a proper opportunity to return.the king glanced at the ring, and was silent.cosel did not even look at zaklika, she said not a word to augustus, but, placing the ring slowly on her finger, she cast an angry glance at her lover, and walked into another room.that was quite sufficient to calm the king, and make him seek her pardon on his knees.he remained the whole day at the palace, thereby hindering cosel from summoning zaklika, and demanding an explanation.it was almost midnight when the king retired to his cabinet, where his ministers were awaiting him.the king had barely quitted the palace, before cosel rang the bell, and ordered the servant to send zaklika to her.as was his wont, the faithful raymond was sitting in the anteroom, reading a halftorn book.on seeing the servant he shivered.he had saved cosel, but he knew his action would be regarded as a sin.tremblingly he entered the ladys room.cosel, beautiful as a goddess, and proud as an absolute sovereign, was pacing up and down the room.she frowned on seeing zaklika, and stood before him threateningly.who gave you permission to alter my orders? she inquired.zaklika stood for a few moments with his eyes drooped, then, raising them towards the countesss face, he replied, i am guilty, madam.you remember laubegast, and the devotion with which i gazed on you from afar.this sentiment, cherished until now, explains everything to you.i desired to save you.i require help from no one! exclaimed cosel severely

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