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i required you to obey me, that is all, and i despise the sentiments of a servant! they are offensive to me.zaklikas head drooped.who told you that i cared more about your helping me to get out of trouble than i did about count lecherenne not receiving the ring? the count received the ring, replied zaklika, although he suffered dreadfully at receiving such hard words.what ring? demanded cosel.one similar to yours.i had received one from count starenberg, and i gave it to the count! cosel was astonished.you deserve some reward, she whispered.not a reward, but forgiveness, said zaklika.i could not accept a reward.he retreated towards the door, and stood leaning against it.cosel watched him for some time.evidently some change had come over her sentiments, but pride prevailed.she approached zaklika, and handed him the ring that had been intended for lecherenne.then raymond woke, as from a dream, and seeing the ring in her white hand, he said, i cannot accept it! it would always remind me that you were cruel to me.the ring disappeared, and instead, the white hand approached zaklikas lips.he kissed it rapturously, and then rushed from the room like a madman, and countess cosel was left alone, thoughtful, and with tears in her beautiful dark eyes.it is thus that poor men love, said she to herself.kings are different.all this time the swedes were still in saxony.charles xii.was heartless and sardonic towards the king; severe towards the nobility; and a grievous burden to the country, for his soldiers went about catching men and enrolling them in the swedish army.the treaty of peace had been signed, but charles xii.would not leave saxony.so many humiliations, so many sacrifices, exhausted the patience of all, and caused despair in every heart.the arrogance of the swedish monarch, who rode through the country attended by twenty or forty soldiers, disgusted every one.one morning, when the king was busy presiding over a council of his ministers, count schulenberg was announced.the old man was invited to take part in the council, but he had no desire to speak, and begged a private audience.when they were alone, the king inquired, general, do you bring me the good tidings that the swedes are going to leave us? i am sorry that i cannot bring your majesty such good tidings.but there might be a way of getting rid of them.the only way i know of would be if heaven sent us its army, with the archangel michael at its head.your majesty, interrupted schulenberg, i am sure that with a little desperate courage we could rid ourselves of them, without the help of the angels.there are twenty thousand swedes scattered throughout saxony; it is but a mere handful, that one mans daring renders terrible.let us catch him, and the rest have lost their value.how can you say that? catch him during peace, when he trusts us? that is what makes our vengeance possible, replied schulenberg.i have reconnoitred his quarters.they are very badly guarded.i could attack them during the night, and seize him.i will convey him to königstein; if they besiege me, i shall not surrender.then the kings head will answer for my safety, and he will sign the treaty, as we wish it to be signed.augustus listened attentively.suppose you should not succeed? he asked.in that case, the blame will fall on me, and not on your majesty, replied the general.i desire to save my country from the invaders.general, said the king, i think you are dreaming.you know that i respect knightly customs, and i cannot consent to your plansi cannot! i hate him, i should like to strangle him if i could get him into my hands, but i cannot allow him to be attacked during the night.general, this is not a business for augustus the strong! schulenberg looked at him gloomily.have they always acted in a knightly fashion towards your majesty? ruffians such as they can do what they please; they are barbarians.but augustus, whom people call the strong, and whom monarchs style the magnificent, will not stoop to employ such means.the old soldier twisted his moustache, and saluted.but suppose some insubordinate soldier were to do it? he asked

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