your majesty replied the baron personally there

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your majesty, replied the baron, personally, there is nothing the matter with me.i am neither hungry, nor in love, nor in debt, nor jealous; but i am in despair.why? what has happened? speak! i am grieving over our beloved monarch! answered kyan.born to be happy; endowed with a godlike face, with herculean strength, with a generous heart; created to have the world lie at your feetand yet your majesty is sad! yes, that is true! said augustus, frowning.i am sad! fifteen of us are sitting here, and none of us know how to make you merry; the women betray you, and grow old; the wine turns sour; your money is stolen; and when in the evening you wish to enjoy yourself in merry company, your faithful subjects meet you with deathshead faces.what wonder, then, that i, who love my king, am in despair? augustus smiled; then, seizing a goblet, he knocked with it on the table.immediately two dwarfs stepped forth from behind the sideboard, and stood before the king.iramm, said the king, order a bigbellied bottle of ambrosia to be brought here! kyan, i make you cupbearer.ambrosia was the name given to the hungarian wine furnished to the king, and pressed out for him specially by count zichy.it was the wine of wines, thick like syrup, treacherously smooth, but strong enough to make a giant dead drunk.iramm and his companion disappeared, and shortly afterwards a negro entered, bearing a silver tray, on which was an enormous bottle.all the guests rose at once and greeted it with low bows.kyan, do your duty! cried the king.kyan rose.the dwarfs brought another tray with glasses; but on the cupbearer whispering something to them, they withdrew behind the sideboard, from whence they emerged a few moments later, bringing glasses of various sizes.with the dignity of an official who is fully conscious of the importance of his position, kyan began carefully arranging the glasses.in the centre he placed a large and beautiful glass for the king, this he surrounded by smaller glasses destined for the favourites, and outside these was another row of glasses, much smaller than the last, so small indeed that they looked like thimbles.all watched him with curiosity.then, taking the large bottle, kyan began to pour out the wine, being careful not to shake it.first he filled all the smallest glasses.it is true that these did not hold much wine, but there were so many of them that before they were all filled, the bottle was half empty.the cupbearer next filled the larger glasses.the wine in that large bottle grew speedily less, and by the time he came to the kings glass there was no wine left.then kyan poured into it the lees that remained at the bottom of the bottle, and looked at augustus.what a splendid cupbearer you are, said the king, laughing.i am the last.what does that mean? the courtiers also laughed.your majesty, said kyan, placing the empty bottle on the table, this is nothing new.what i have done today with the wine is only what your officials do every day with the income of the state.in the first place, every small employé fills his own pockets, then the superiors, of course, do not forget themselves, and after that there remains nothing for the king.the king clapped his hands, and looked round on those present.kyan, your health! the parable is worthy of Æsop.but order another bottle for me.the negro brought a second bottle of ambrosia.all laughed because the king laughed, but they looked askance at kyan, who, having taken the smallest glass, was drinking to the health of the hercules of saxony.then they all fell on their knees, and, raising their glasses, shouted acclamation.the king emptied his glass, and said, let us talk of something else.fürstenberg was the first to rise.your majesty, said he, at this hour one should only speak of that which rules over both the night and the day; and that is woman.good! exclaimed the king.let every one describe his favourite.fürstenberg shall begin.the king smiled maliciously as he said this, and fürstenberg made a grimace.the precedence has been given to me, said the young favourite, but this is only a proof that his majesty sees everything.the king knows that i cannot lie, and this is why he exposes me to such a humiliation.but i entreat your majesty to excuse me from drawing a picture of my favourite.no, no! exclaimed several voices.it is not necessary to give the portrait a name, but the kings commands must be obeyed.all knew, more or less, why the young prince was reluctant to speak.this was a critical moment of his life, for he was playing a love comedy with a widow over forty years of age, and famous for the fact that, owing to the thickness of the paint she put on her face, it was impossible for any one to see the colour of her skin

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