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the widow was rich, and fürstenberg was in need of money.when they became too noisy, the king commanded silence, and said, you must depict this painted love of yours.to gain courage to perform the task imposed on him, the giddy young courtier emptied his glass.my love, said he, is the prettiest lady in the world.who can deny it? who can tell what is hidden beneath the mask which she puts on in order to prevent common mortals from looking at her? a loud burst of laughter here interrupted him.beside him sat adolf hoym.he was a wellmade man, but his expression was disagreeable and his small eyes had a timid look.hoym was famous for his love adventures, but for several years he had kept them so secret that it was thought they no longer had an attraction for him.it was said that he had married, but no one had seen his wife.she was hidden away at his country house.hoym was already tipsy, that could easily be told by the strange movements of his head, and by the efforts he made to raise his arms by dropping his eyelids.it was the best fun possible for the king and his companions to catch the secretary of the treasury in a state when his mind could no longer control his tongue.hoyms turn now, said the king.you, hoym, can have no excuse.we all know that you are a connoisseur of female beauty, and that you cannot live without love; nothing ever goes beyond these walls.come, now, confess! hoym turned his head, and played with his glass.he! he! he! he laughed.baron kyan filled up his glass.hoym seized and emptied it with the stupid avidity of a drunken man consumed with a burning thirst.his face grew crimson.he! he! he! you wish to know what my love looks like, he began.but you must know that i have no need of a mistress, for i have a wife beautiful as a goddess! all burst out laughing, but the king looked at him inquisitively.you may laugh, continued hoym, but the man who has not seen her, has not seen venus, and i think even venus herself would look rather like a country washerwoman, if placed beside her.can i describe her? in her eyes alone there is so much power that no mortal could resist her.praxiteles could not have shaped a more perfect form.it is impossible to describe the charm of her smile, and yet the stern goddess does not smile every day.they nodded, but without believing what he said.hoym would have stopped here, but the king said, describe her better, hoym.who can describe perfection? said hoym, raising his eyes.she possesses every good quality, and has not one single drawback.i am quite ready to believe that she is beautiful, exclaimed lagnasco, for fickle hoym has been constant to her for three years.he exaggerates! he is drunk! interrupted fürstenberg.would you dare to say that she is more beautiful than the princess teschen? hoym shrugged his shoulders, and glanced timidly at the king, who said quietly, there must be no consideration, except for the truth.is she more beautiful than lubomirska? your majesty, exclaimed hoym enthusiastically, the princess is a beautiful woman, but my wife is a goddess.there is not another woman anywhere, at the court, in the city, in the whole of saxony, or indeed in the whole of europe, who is as beautiful as my wife! the hall reechoed with a gigantic peal of wild laughter.hoym is very amusing when he is drunk! how funny the secretary to the treasury is! what a very droll man! the king did not laugh.hoym, under the influence of the ambrosia, had evidently forgotten where he was, and to whom he was talking.yes, laugh! he exclaimed.you all know me! you call me don juan; you acknowledge that i am a judge of female beauty.why should i lie? here he looked at the king and was terrified at the expression of his features.so terrified was he that he almost became sober.he would have liked to withdraw, but, being unable, he stood there pale and trembling.in vain the others tried to make him talk further; hoym only looked down at the floor and became thoughtful.the king nodded to kyan, who filled hoyms glass with ambrosia.we have drunk the health of our divine hercules, cried fürstenberg, now let us drink to the health of our godly apollo! some drank kneeling, others standing; hoym, who had risen tottering, was obliged to lean on the table.the effects of the wine, that fear had checked for a time, returned.his head swamhe emptied his glass at one draught.behind the kings chair stood fürstenberg, whom that monarch caressingly called fürstchen.to him apollo now turned, fürstchen, said he quietly, hoym has not lied; he has been hiding his treasure from us for several years, we must force him to show it to us.do what you please, no matter what the cost, but we must see her

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