slowly and hopelessly i stumbled along through the

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  Leonardo da Vinci argued that, I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do。
slowly and hopelessly i stumbled along through the sand.when should i get to kimberley, what should i do when i got there?i kept asking myself, and i felt too dull and tired out to answer the question.i had very few friends there, and my appearance, ragged, almost barefooted and obviously penniless, would not tell in my favour.what was the good of walking any faster?i might as well sleep there on the veldt as go on, i said to myself; and then stumbling over a stone, i half fell, half threw myself down beside the road, and lay there exhausted, thoughtless, and almost insensible.i was roused by some one lifting me up and pouring brandy down my throat.played out, eh? well, take a good nip of this, it will pull you together if anything will, its eckshaws number one, the best brandy that comes to this cursed country.where have you come from, eh?the voice i somehow seemed to remember, and as the brandy revived me i took a look at the good samaritan who had come to my assistance.i knew him; the pleasant voice belonged to jim dormer, and it was his handsome reckless face i saw looking down at me.i have come from the goldfields and have had a hardish time of it, i said in answer to his question.well, i dont know that id have done myself up like that to come to this wretched hole kimberley; but youd better get into my cartill give you a lift in anyhow, he said.of course i was glad enough to accept his offer and to get into his cart, which was drawn up close to where we were, his kaffir boy holding the reins.lets see, aint you mr gordon, who used to have claims at old de beers?thought i knew you.do you remember that day on the racecourse when cockney bill and his pals tried the system of going for the banker at faro and jumping his satchel?that system would have come off if it hadnt been for your taking a hand in the game.i remembered the incident he alluded to, which took place one evening after the races.some roughs had made an attack upon him and his partner, who were keeping a faro table, and i, who had been losing my money to him, came to his assistance.i havent forgotten it and shant in a hurry.`thats the sort of chap id like to have with me in anything that wanted good grit, i said to myself when i saw you in that row, he said.look here, mr gordon, where are you going to put up when you get to kimberley? he added, after thinking for some time.if you like to come to my place i can look after you and give you as good a room as you will get at any of the hotels, and youll be made quiet and comfortable.it was a goodnatured offer, and all the more goodnatured from the way he put it; but i hesitated before i accepted it.ah, you think that stopping with jim dormer wont sound over well, and i dont say youre not right; but times are bad in the camp and there isnt much chance of your getting a billet all at once, so you might stop at my place till you get over your tramp down; but you wont hurt my feelings by refusing, i aint one of the respectable crowd and dont want to be.he had guessed my thoughts.he was a pleasant, wellmannered fellow enough, but he had acquired rather a doubtful character, and i am afraid to a certain extent deserved it.it would be difficult for any one who wished to do so in a friendly spirit to say how he lived and had lived for the last ten years.he himself would probably admit that he was a professional gambler.his enemies would declare that in the matter of buying stolen diamonds he was not altogether without reproach.this charge, however, was not true, for he preferred winning money from the buyers of stolen diamonds to indulging in such a risky trade on his own account.he never for one moment was able to see that he was one whit worse than the people who belonged to what he called the respectable crowd.he won money from some of the biggest thieves in the camp, so he was called a sharper and an associate of bad characters, while your respectable men got hold of honest mens money with their bubble companies.he wished he got as much the best of it at a deal of faro as honest mr bowker, the member of the legislative assembly, did when he started the boschfontein mining company.he was too straight to be respectable, thats where he went wrong, he would say to me when i got to know him better; and i believe he thought it.thanks, youre a good fellow, but i dont like to sponge on you; i am dead broke, i said in answer to his invitation.dead broke be blowed!no mans dead broke till his necks broke; and as for sponging on me, one never loses anything by doing a good turn to one of your sort who has good grit.youre looking pretty bad though dysentery do you say?well, youd better watch it; come up to my place and ill put you straight, he said.it was not, perhaps, a very wise thing to do, but beggars cant be choosers, and i was very little more than a beggar, besides i liked jim dormers cheery, freeandeasy manner.it was pleasant to meet a man who seemed to think something of one although one was unsuccessful and dead broke.so i accepted his offer, and leaned back in the cart, relieved to think that i should have a place to rest in after my long weary journey.jim dormer was on his way back from a visit to a roadside canteen, where a man he was interested in was training for a footrace.i am glad i met you; i like a man who has got grit; maybe it will be a lucky meeting for the pair of us, he said somewhat enigmatically.i did not take much thought about what his motives might be, i was too tired.take a man as you find him; he has been a good friend to me anyhow, i thought as i drove through the wellknown street.the town looked dull and depressed; there was a marked change, one could see that bad times were felt more than they were when i left some months before.bars, stores, and billiardrooms that used to be doing a roaring business were empty.several stores were to let; there was not as much traffic in the streets, while i fancied there was something in the listless gait of the men one saw lounging about which expressed bad times.glad enough was i when we pulled up at a neat iron house where jim lived, and where that great luxury, as it seemed to me then, a bed, was to be found provided for me after i had attempted a meal.a fortnight afterwards found me still staying with jim.the morning after i had arrived at his house i had found myself too ill to get up; and nothing could have been kinder than he was to me, nursing me very carefully and seeing that i had everything that i wanted.when i had become well enough to go out and look for work he did not show much sympathy with my endeavour to find something to do.he had, i found out, a deeprooted conviction that any attempts to get on in life by what people called honest labour was a vanity and a delusion.to make a pile and clear out of the country ought to be the aim and object of every one, and it was absurd being too particular as to how that pile was to be made, was the doctrine he was always preaching

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