of all the more generally accepted modes of making

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of all the more generally accepted modes of making a fortune he was most sceptical.digging was a losing game, he considered.even canteen keeping was hardly good enough.what one wanted, he would say with much candour, was to go in for one good swindle and then clear off.you bet what you and i want to do is to get hold of a few thousands, and then say goodbye to the country.dont tell me we cant do it, there is lots of money in the camp, though times may be so bad, he said to me one evening as i was sitting in the verandah after a tiring day spent walking round the mines looking for work.i was thinking of something in the new mine line; there is a good deal to be done at that, but i hardly care to go in for the game; its too much one of your respectable mans swindles for me, taking some poor devils last sov or two, who thinks the new rush is going to turn up trumps: its always your poor devils who are landed by that sort of swindle, now i only want to catch the big fish.i made some remark in answer to this, more or less commending him for indulging in his conscientious scruples.i am afraid in my then frame of mind jim dormers peculiar code of morality was very taking.i began to agree with him that every one was more or less of a swindler, and that the more prosperous men were the adroiter scoundrels.tramping about all day looking in vain for work put one in a suitable frame of mind for listening to my friends notions of things in general and of the diamond field public in particular.yes, we must get hold of some money somehow.see there, look at that cart, he said, pointing to the mailcart that was being driven along the road past the house, there is not less than thirty thousand pounds worth of diamonds going across the veldt tonight, for that is a good bit less than the average amount they send home every week!thirty thousand pounds, my boy! that would be a good haul, eh?i watched the cart being driven along towards the open veldt, and i thought of how it was going to travel across miles of desert veldt with only one policeman upon it to guard its precious contents.so far as i knew, that mail, which started on thursday with the weeks finds to catch the home steamer, had never been robbed.my friend did not say anything more about the cart, though i noticed he watched it till it was out of sight, and then he smoked in silence for some time.then he returned to the subject, and made some remark about how strange it was that the mail had never stuck up; and we began to discuss how easily it could be done.nobody would lose one penny except the insurance companies and banks, for the diamonds are insured for more than they will sell for; yes, its just the thing sticking out; sooner or later it will be done, and then they will put on a stronger guard, he said, looking at me rather carefully as he spoke, as if he wished to see how i took what he was saying.my evil genius led me to grumble out some sort of agreement with what he said.believe me, id like to collar that pool, or take a half or a third share of it, he answered, then id leave this cursed country.and it aint so tough a job neither.one only has to wait with a string across the road to upset the horses, and as they go down jump on the cart, get the mailbags, tie up the driver and the guard, and get back to camp, and the next morning at breakfast look as mild as milk while every ones jawing about ones work the night before.it would be a pretty little game to play, eh, my boy?better than going round to those managers and asking for a job as an overseer and being treated like a nigger, and being told to clear off and be damned by em.but theres the policeman; he is armed and would show fight, and i shouldnt like to hurt a chap who was only doing his duty, i answered.well, nor would i; but i never see that mailcart pass without wondering who will take the pool; some one will, mind you, he said, and then turned the conversation to some other subject.a week or so more passed and i got nothing to do.at one time i thought i ought not to go on staying with dormer and living upon him, but he laughed away my scruples.what did it matter? it wasnt as if i was always going to have bad luck.was i ashamed of staying with him? he would remark when i talked of going away.it always ended in my staying on.i was generally seen with him, i used to get money on for him when he played billiards or shot pigeons or made any other match, and to do some other little things for him; in fact, i began to be identified as jim dormers pal.very few visitors came to see us at the house.dormer carried on his business down the town in billiardrooms and canteens; he never asked me to help him at faro or roulette or any of the games he played, nor did he impart to me any of the tricks of his trade.nothing could be kinder than his manner to me; but nevertheless i felt that i was bound to repay him for his kindness, and that i was under a great obligation to him.after some time he once or twice stayed at home of an evening and a man came in to see him.the visitor was not a pleasantlooking person.he had a shifty, halfashamed expression, and as he sat clumsily playing cards with dormer he looked as if he knew he ought not to be where he was.whos that?dont like his looks, cant look one in the face, i asked jim one night when he had left.that! oh, hes a most respectable man, a sergeant in the police.we are thinking of going in for a little spec together, and you ought to be in it too.thats the chap who goes down with the diamond mail.old jacobus the driver is going to be made a little drunker than usual, the policeman is to make a desperate resistance, and to be overpowered by us two, and then the three of us divide the swag, do you see? though i had not been boarding very luxuriously for some time, i had been drinking heavily.there was always drink to be had at dormers house and when i went about with him, and lately i had drunk to drown my anxiety.i dont intend to ape the canting cry of the criminal who, when hes convicted of jumping upon his wife, tells the judge that its all the drink wots done it.drink of itself doesnt often make a criminal of a man, but it often enough robs him of all that sense of prudence which men mistake for conscience.if my brain had been clear of alcohol i think i should have refused dormers suggestion at once; as it was there was something in it that took my fancy.instead of refusing, i began to question him as to how it could be done.his answer was that it would be easy enough.the mailcart was to be stopped by a rope tied across the road; the guard and the driver were to be tied upthe latter would not be likely to make a very determined resistance, while the former would be our confederate.when we had secured the diamonds we had nothing to do but to get back to kimberley.our confederate would take care not to be able to identify us, and there would be, so jim urged, very little risk of our getting into trouble or failing to secure the rich booty

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