its our last chance of making a good pile in the c

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its our last chance of making a good pile in the country; every day i expect that some one else will try the trick, and then they will put on a strong guard.its the one good thing left in the country, he said; and then he began to talk about the rich prize we should secure without any one except the banks and insurance people being one bit the worse.i dont know whom to go to if you wont go in for this; there are plenty of men in the camp who would jump at the chance, but they aint the sort id like to trust, but youre good grit and id trust you any day, he said; come, i know you will stick to a pal.for a second or two i hesitated, and then i said i would go in for it, and we shook hands over the agreement.it was on a monday that i had this conversation with him, and it was on the following thursday that the cart was to be stopped.the next day the police sergeant came up to the house to finally arrange his plans.i didnt like the mans looks any better on that occasion.in his presence i began to feel ashamed of myself because i was going to become a thief.it seemed disgraceful to be mixed up in such a business with that shiftylooking scoundrel.dormers society, on the other hand, made me reckless and in good spirits, while he took care that i had drink enough to prevent my thinking too much.the place we had chosen to make our attack upon the cart was about twenty miles from kimberley, and the cart would pass there about ten oclock in the evening.an hour before that time jim dormer and i were sitting behind some rocks near the road at that place where we had agreed to stop the cart.we had the rope ready to put across the road when it was time for the cart to pass, while we both had our revolvers, with which we intended to make a great display of a determined attack.its no good being too soon with the rope, the cart wont be before its time, and something else might pass, dormer said as he lit a match to look at his watch.how long have we to wait?i asked, for i began to feel rather nervous and to wish the time for action had come.an hour or more before the cart is due here; take a drink, he said, handing me a whiskeyflask.i half emptied the flask and lit a pipe, and listened to my companion, who, to cheer me up, i fancy, began to talk about the time we would have when we cleared out of the country with the nice little pile we would make by that evenings work.dormers conversation and whiskey had its intended effect, and i got back my careless, reckless spirits.it was not very pleasant work waiting, the night had clouded over an hour or so before, and the flashes of lightning seemed to be terribly near us, while soon after the first flash the storm broke and the rain came down in torrents, as it does on the south african veldt in a summers thunderstorm.all the better for us, my lad, just the night for the job, he said as we tried to huddle behind the boulders to get out of the rain.dormer talked away about the delights of paris and london and the time we would have at home, while we both took several more pulls at the whiskeybottle; for all that the time went slowly, and we began to feel wretchedly uncomfortable.as we sat there waiting for the time to arrive for us to begin our work and to stretch the rope across the road which was to stop the cart, it certainly seemed that my fate was sealed, and that i was destined to become a successful scoundrel or a skulking jailbird for the rest of my life.looking back i cannot remember that i felt much shame or remorse.i was infected with dormers ideas of things.what we were going to do would not hurt any individual very much; it seemed to me then that it was a much more harmless thing than the financial robberies which were carried out by men who were considered most respectable persons; and as for the danger of being found out, i didnt see where it came in, i thought, as i took a drink from the bottle.easy with that bottle, old chap, or you will be hitting some one when you let off your revolver; keep yourself cool, and mind you go straight for old jacob, and see that he dont pull the crape off your face, dormer said to me.then he walked some yards off to take a look at the spot in the road he had chosen for tying the rope across.as he left me a strange change seemed to come over me.the reckless devilmaycare spirits i had been in left me, and i felt a sense of awe as if i knew that something was going to happen.then a feeling came over me that some one was present, and all at once the rocks in front of me seemed to fade away, and where they had been i saw an unearthly luminous mist, and through it i saw a figure dressed as an officer in a highland regiment.i could see that his arms were thrown back, his sword was falling from his hand.there was a rent in the breast of his coat, and in his face was the look of death.i knew him; he was my brother donald; he had grown from a lad into a man, and he was handsome and more soldierlike than when i had seen him last.i remembered our compact, and then i knew that my brother was dead.there was the proud look of one who had earned the respect of his fellowmen in his highbred face.for one instant our eyes seemed to meet, and then as i sprang forward calling to him by name the figure and the mist surrounding it seemed to fade away.heaven help me, i thought, i am the last of our race.a flood of home memories, which for some time i had done my best to banish from my thoughts, came back to me.as i touched my face and felt the mask of crape i had on, i realised what i was going to do, and that i was about to become a common criminal.what on earth are you shouting for? whats the matter with you, man? wed better be moving and fixing the rope, i heard dormer say as he came back to where i was.i did not answer, but stood irresolute for a second or two.i felt halfashamed to give up the adventure i had engaged in, but after what i had seen i was determined not to engage in it.jim, i am going to cut it; i have had a warning not to go on with thislets give it up.give it up by and dormer gave vent to his surprise and disgust in very strong language.well, i did think you were good grit; but you cant give it up now.whats come over you all at once?he was thoroughly disgusted with me; such faith in human nature as remained to him had evidently received a shock.well, id have never thought it of you, you whom i always believed in.come, pull yourself together and do what you said youd do; its too late to turn tail now.and then looking into my face and seeing how agitated i was, he asked me what on earth had happened to me.i think, like many a gambler and adventurer of his type, jim had a strong vein of superstition in his nature

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