land of king cotton by jo augustine signaigo

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land of king cotton.by jo.augustine signaigo._airred, white and blue._ (this was a favorite song of the tennessee troops, but especially of the 13th and 154th regiments.memphis _appeal_, dec.9, 1861.) oh! dixie, the land of king cotton, the home of the brave and the free, a nation by freedom begotten, the terror of despots to be; wherever thy banner is streaming, base tyranny quails at thy feet, and libertys sunlight is beaming, in splendor of majesty sweet.chorusthree cheers for our army so true, three cheers for price, johnson, and lee: beauregard, and our davis forever, the pride of the brave and the free! when liberty sounds her warrattle, demanding her right and her due, the first land that rallies to battle is dixie, the shrine of the true: thick as leaves of the forest in summer, her brave sons will rise on each plain, and then strike, until each vandal comer lies dead on the soil he would stain.chorus.may the names of the dead that we cherish, fill memorys cup to the brim; may the laurels theyve won never perish, nor star of their glory grow dim; may the states of the south never sever, but the champions of freedom eer be; may they flourish confedrate forever, the boast of the brave and the free.chorus.the southern soldier boy.as sung by miss sallie partington, in the virginia cavalier, richmond, va., 1863.composed by captain g.w.alexander._airthe boy with the auburn hair._ the sentiments of this song pleased the confederate soldiers, and for more than a year, the new richmond theatre was nightly filled by blockade rebels, who greeted with wild hurrahs, miss sallie, the prima donna of the confederacy.[the music of this song can be procured of the oliver ditson co., boston, mass., owners of the copyright.] bob roebuck is my sweethearts name, hes off to the wars and gone, hes fighting for his nannie dear, his sword is buckled on; hes fighting for his own true love, his foes he does defy; he is the darling of my heart, my southern soldier boy.chorus.yo! ho! yo! ho! yo! ho! ho! ho! ho! ho! ho! he is my only joy, he is the darling of my heart, my southern soldier boy.when bob comes home from wars alarms, we start anew in life, ill give myself right up to him, a dutiful, loving wife.ill try my best to please my dear for he is my only joy; he is the darling of my heart my southern soldier boy.chorus.yo! ho! yo! ho! yo! ho! ho! ho! ho! ho! ho! he is my only joy, he is the darling of my heart, my southern soldier boy.oh! if in battle he was slain, i am sure that i should die, but i am sure hell come again and cheer my weeping eye; but should he fall in this our glorious cause, he still would be my joy for many a sweetheart mourns the loss, of a southern soldier boy.chorus.yo! ho! yo! ho! yo! ho! ho! ho! ho! ho! ho! id grieve to lose my joy, but many a sweetheart mourns the loss of a southern soldier boy.i hope for the best, and so do all whose hopes are in the field; i know that we shall win the day, for southrons never yield, and when we think of those that are away, well look above for joy, and im mighty glad that my bobby is a southern soldier boy.chorus.rebel is a sacred name.written by an inmate of the old capitol prison, washington city.rebel is a sacred name; traitor, too, is glorious; by such names our fathers fought by them were victorious.chorusgaily floats our rebel flag over hill and valley broad its bars, and bright its stars, calling us to rally.washington a rebel was, jefferson a traitor, but their treason won success, and made their glory greater.chorus.oer our southern sunny strand vandal feet are treading; and the hessians on our land devastation spreading.chorus.can you then inactive be? maidens fair are saying; and their bright eyes shame us out with this long delaying.chorus.rouse ye, children of the free, rally to our streamer; the vandal flag floats oer our land, awaken, southern dreamer! chorus.rebel arms shall win the fight, rebel prayers defend us; rebel maidens greet us home, when tyrants no more rend us.chorus.the young volunteer.words and music by john m

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