the convicts preferred to spend their money in dri

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the convicts preferred to spend their money in drink.it was very difficult to meet these women.it was necessary to come to an agreement about the place, and the time; to arrange a meeting, to find solitude, and, what was most difficult of all, to avoid the escortsalmost an impossibilityand to spend relatively prodigious sums.i have sometimes, however, witnessed love scenes.one day three of us were heating a brickkiln on the banks of the irtitch.the soldiers of the escort were goodnatured fellows.two blowers (they were socalled) soon appeared.where were you staying so long? said a prisoner to them, who had evidently been expecting them.was it at the zvierkoffs that you were detained? at the zvierkoffs? it will be fine weather, and the fowls will have teeth, when i go to see them, replied one of the women.she was the dirtiest woman imaginable.she was called tchekunda, and had arrived in company with her friend, the four kopecks, who was beneath all description.its a long time since we have seen anything of you, says the gallant to her of the four kopecks; you seem to have grown thinner.perhaps; formerly i was goodlooking and plump, whereas now one might fancy i had swallowed eels.and you still run after the soldiers, is that so? all calumny on the part of wicked people; and after all, if i was to be flogged to death for it, i like soldiers.never mind your soldiers, were the people to love; we have money.imagine this gallant with his shaved crown, with fetters on his ankles, dressed in a coat of two colours, and watched by an escort.as i was now returning to the prison, my irons had been put on.i wished akimitch goodbye and went away, escorted by a soldier.those who do task work return first, and, when i got back to the barracks, a good number of convicts were already there.as the kitchen could not have held the whole barrackfull at once, we did not all dine together.those who came in first were first served.i tasted the cabbage soup, but, not being used to it, could not eat it, and i prepared myself some tea.i sat down at one end of the table, with a convict of noble birth like myself.the prisoners were going in and out.there was no want of room, for there were not many of them.five of them sat down apart from the large table.the cook gave them each two ladles full of soup, and brought them a plate of fried fish.these men were having a holiday.they looked at us in a friendly manner.one of the poles came in and took his seat by our side.i was not with you, but i know that you are having a feast, exclaimed a tall convict who now came in.he was a man of about fifty years, thin and muscular.his face indicated cunning, and, at the same time, liveliness.his lower lip, fleshy and pendant, gave him a soft expression.well, have you slept well? why dont you say how do you do? well, now my friends of kursk, he said, sitting down by the side of the feasters, good appetite? heres a new guest for you.we are not from the province of kursk.then my friends from tambof, let me say? we are not from tambof either.you have nothing to claim from us; if you want to enjoy yourself go to some rich peasant.i have maria ikotishna [from ikot, hiccough] in my belly, otherwise i should die of hunger.but where is your peasant to be found? good heavens! we mean gazin; go to him.gazin is on the drink today, hes devouring his capital.he has at least twenty roubles, says another convict.it is profitable to keep a drinking shop.you wont have me? then i must eat the government food.will you have some tea? if so, ask these noblemen for some.where do you see any noblemen? theyre noblemen no longer.theyre not a bit better than us, said in a sombre voice a convict who was seated in the corner, who hitherto had not risked a word.i should like a cup of tea, but i am ashamed to ask for it.i have selfrespect, said the convict with the heavy lip, looking at me with a goodhumoured air.i will give you some if you like, i said

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