he was however recalled to himself a moment late

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he was, however, recalled to himself a moment later when the portmanteau was knocked down at fifteen dollars, and considerably startled when the assistant placed it at his feet with a grim smile.thats your property, fowler, and i reckon you look as if you wanted it back bad.buttheres some mistake, stammered flint.i didnt bid.no, but tom flynn did for you.you see, i spotted you from the first, and told flynn i reckoned you were one of those chaps who came back from the mines dead broke.and he up and bought your things for youlike a square man.thats flynns style, if he is a gambler.but, persisted flint, this never was my property.my name isnt fowler, and i never left anything here.the assistant looked at him with a grim, halfcredulous, halfscornful smile.have it your own way, he said, but i oughter tell ye, old man, that im the warehouse clerk, and i remember _you_.im here for that purpose.but as that thar valise is bought and paid for by somebody else and given to you, its nothing more to me.take or leave it.[illustration: he examined its contents.] the ridiculousness of quarrelling over the mere form of his good fortune here struck flint, and, as his abrupt benefactor had as abruptly disappeared, he hurried off with his prize.reaching his cheap lodginghouse, he examined its contents.as he had surmised, it contained a full suit of clothing of the better sort, and suitable to his urban needs.there were a few articles of jewellery, which he put religiously aside.there were some letters, which seemed to be of a purely business character.there were a few daguerreotypes of pretty faces, one of which was singularly fascinating to him.but there was another, of a young man, which startled him with its marvellous resemblance _to himself_! in a flash of intelligence he understood it all now.it was the likeness of the former owner of the trunk, for whom the assistant had actually mistaken him! he glanced hurriedly at the envelopes of the letters.they were addressed to shelby fowler, the name by which the assistant had just called him.the mystery was plain now.and for the present he could fairly accept his good luck, and trust to later fortune to justify himself.transformed in his new garb, he left his lodgings to present himself once more to his possible employer.his way led past one of the large gambling saloons.it was yet too early to find the drygoods trader disengaged; perhaps the consciousness of more decent, civilised garb emboldened him to mingle more freely with strangers, and he entered the saloon.he was scarcely abreast of one of the faro tables when man suddenly leaped up with an oath and discharged a revolver full in his face.the shot missed.before his unknown assailant could fire again the astonished flint had closed with him, and instinctively clutched the weapon.a brief but violent struggle ensued.flint felt his strength failing him, when suddenly a look of astonishment came into the furious eyes of his adversary, and the mans grasp mechanically relaxed.the halffreed pistol, thrown upwards by this movement, was accidentally discharged point blank into his temples, and he fell dead.no one in the crowd had stirred or interfered.youve done for french pete this time, mr.fowler, said a voice at his elbow.he turned gaspingly, and recognised his strange benefactor, flynn.i call you all to witness, gentlemen, continued the gambler, turning dictatorially to the crowd, that this man was _first_ attacked and was _unarmed_.he lifted flints limp and empty hands and then pointed to the dead man, who was still grasping the weapon.come! he caught the halfparalysed arm of flint and dragged him into the street.but, stammered the horrified flint, as he was borne along, what does it all mean? what made that man attack me? i reckon it was a case of shooting on sight, mr.fowler; but he missed it by not waiting to see if you were armed.it wasnt the square thing, and youre all right with the crowd now, whatever he might have had agin you.but, protested the unhappy flint, i never laid eyes on the man before, and my name isnt fowler.flynn halted, and dragged him in a doorway.who the devil are you? he asked roughly.briefly, passionately, almost hysterically flint told him his scant story

Hello, My name is John Doe

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