the water is put in them and as the container is

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the water is put in them, and, as the container is porous, a small amount filters thru the earthenware, and, as it reaches the surface and air, it evaporates, cooling the remaining water.=129.cooling with running water.= a very little stream of water from a faucet will cool the babys milk and keep it from souring.the bottle should be set in a pan of water which is constantly renewed by the small stream running from the faucet.(fig.61.) this method of cooling should be used only in homes supplied with water from a spring or in an emergency.under most circumstances, it is too extravagant a method of keeping food to be recommended.in cities it should be prohibited because it might cause too great a drain on the city water supply.[illustration: fig.61.cooling with running water.] a larger device used for cooling milk is a tank of running water (figs.61_a__b_).the water flowing thru this tank commonly flows into another tank used for the watering of stock.cans with inverted covers like those illustrated are waterproof, because the air is caught inside them so that it cannot get out for the water to replace it.it does not require a large stream of water to renew that in the tank and keep it cool.the efficiency of this device depends entirely upon having a supply of cold water available.[illustration: fig.61_a_.crosssection of cooling tank.] =130.refrigerating plants.= refrigerating plants are sometimes installed in private dwellings.these consist of a motor and a machine for compressing gas, a chamber which is to be cooled, and sometimes coils of pipe containing brine.when the gasfor example, ammonia or carbon dioxideis compressed, it heats the pump which compresses it.that is, when a liquid or gas is being compressed, it gives up heat.when a liquid or gas expands, it takes heat from somewhere.in refrigerating plants, the expanding gas is made to take the heat either directly from the refrigerator or storeroom, or from brine which is then used for cooling the refrigerator or room.refrigerating plants require the same care as pumps, motors and refrigerators.[illustration: fig.61_b_.cooling tank.] =131.water coolers.= since ice is not always pure, it is necessary to use cooling devices which do not permit it to come into direct contact with the water.one type of water cooler consists of a can set in an ice box with a pipe leading to the outside so that the box does not have to be opened every time that water is wanted (fig.62).this can should be made so that it may be removed, washed and scalded.another cooler consists of a tank or water bottle placed on the outside of a refrigerator or box of ice with a pipe leading thru the refrigerator or box of ice (fig.63).the water flowing thru the pipe is cooled.the pipe ends at the outside of the ice box with a faucet to let out the water.this cooler cools only the water flowing into the pipe instead of the entire tank of water.[illustration: fig.62.water cooler containing water tank.] [illustration: fig.63

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