_wm and c went to armathwaite

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_wm.and c.went to armathwaite._tuesday, 30th march._we went to calverts._wednesday, 31st march._.we walked to portinscale, lay upon the turf, and looked into the vale of newlands; up to borrowdale, and down to keswicka soft venetian view.calvert and wilkinsons dined with us.i walked with mrs.w.to the quakers meeting, met wm., and we walked in the field together._thursday, 1st april._mrs.c, wm.and i went to the how.we came home by portinscale._friday, 2nd._wm.and i sate all the morning in the field._saturday, 3rd._wm.went on to skiddaw with c.we dined at calverts._sunday, 4th._we drove by gig to water end.i walked down to coleridges.mrs.calvert came to greta bank to tea.william walked down with mrs.calvert, and repeated his verses to them._monday, 5th._we came to eusemere.coleridge walked with us to threlkeld._monday, 12th._.the ground covered with snow.walked to t.wilkinsons and sent for letters.the woman brought me one from william and mary.it was a sharp, windy night.thomas wilkinson came with me to barton, and questioned me like a catechiser all the way.every question was like the snapping of a little thread about my heart.i was so full of thought of my halfread letter and other things.i was glad when he left me.then i had time to look at the moon while i was thinking my own thoughts.the moon travelled through the clouds, tinging them yellow as she passed along, with two stars near her, one larger than the other.these stars grew and diminished as they passed from, or went into, the clouds.at this time william, as i found the next day, was riding by himself between middleham and barnard castle._tuesday, 13th april._mrs.c.waked me from sleep with a letter from coleridge.i walked along the lake side.the air was become still, the lake was of a bright slate colour, the hills darkening.the bays shot into the low fading shores.sheep resting.all things quiet.when i returned _william_ was come.the surprise shot through me._thursday, 15th._it was a threatening, misty morning, but mild.we set off after dinner from eusemere.mrs.clarkson went a short way with us, but turned back.the wind was furious, and we thought we must have returned.we first rested in the large boathouse, then under a furze bush opposite mr.clarksons.saw the plough going in the field.the wind seized our breath.the lake was rough.there was a boat by itself floating in the middle of the bay below water millock.we rested again in the water millock lane.the hawthorns are black and green, the birches here and there greenish, but there is yet more of purple to be seen on the twigs.we got over into a field to avoid some cowspeople working.a few primroses by the roadsidewoodsorrel flower, the anemone, scentless violets, strawberries, and that starry, yellow flower which mrs.c

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